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Close-up view: 91.3 translator problems

The good news is that one of the three major pieces of equipment that make up the 91.3 translator that serves Palo Colorado Canyon and nearby parts of the Big Sur coast survived the late November/early December storm series without serious damage.

The bad news is that the other two pieces of equipment are really hurting. Steve Laufer provides us with this picture of the insides of the final RF power amplifier:

When the shed that houses the equipment lost its door in high winds, rain was driven into the equipment rack, picked up by the amplifier’s cooling fans, and sprayed directly onto the guts of the amplifier. Havoc ensued.

There’s some chance we can still replace the damaged components and clean up the rest of this unit, but that is looking less and less likely. If it has to be replaced, there will be some additional delay (and additional cost) while we arrange for that.

The third piece of equipment in the shelter was also severely damaged. Fortunately, we had a spare assembly for that unit, which has been tuned up and is being tested now.

Again, more updates will be forthcoming as we learn more about the situation.

One Response to “Close-up view: 91.3 translator problems”

  1. heidi hybl Says:

    Terry, I am a resident of Palo Colorado Canyon. We are missing KUSP terribly. Streaming is difficult because our lines are already oveburdened. I recently talked to some Big Sur residents who miss the 91.3 frequency when they drive down Hwy 1. Is there anything we can do to facilitate the repair work? Is there an estimate of the cost? We’d appreciate any specific information you can give us. We’d love to have the station back.
    Heidi Hybl