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Dale Owen passes away

dale-22Today the KUSP community mourns the loss of Dale Owen, who passed away yesterday at his Santa Cruz home.

Dale has been part of our station since 1982, when he first hosted a classical music program for us. “A Classic Example” and its forerunners entertained and inspired our listeners for the next thirty-one years.

From 1985 until 2009 Dale was also part of our professional staff, soliciting program sponsorship and other support from Monterey Bay area businesses. He was recognized as among the most effective fundraisers in public radio.

In 2009 KUSP’s Board of Directors elevated Dale to Lifetime Membership, the highest honor the station can confer on staff members and volunteers.

At this time we have no information about plans for memorials or other ways to honor and celebrate Dale’s life. We will share any public information when it becomes available.

9 Responses to “Dale Owen passes away”

  1. rJohn Stump Says:

    Thank you for your very sensitive notice of Dale Owens passing. I know you will plan a very classical tribute for Dale. Please let me know

    Dale played the dulcimer so for Dale I send you I’ll Fly Away

  2. Daria Says:

    What a kind man he was…
    and righteous fella

    May you be free Dale…

  3. Michael Says:

    I have thought a lot about Dale over the years, a shining example of playing the hand that’s dealt. When I was young he was a steady cheerful presence, now that I’m old and far away I wish I were able to bask in his smile once more.

  4. Lisa Says:

    What a tremendous loss for many. I will never forget Dale’s musical knowledge and excellent programming for Classic Example. Nor will I forget his political leanings and social consciousness. He was always positive and kind, never having a snide remark about anyone unless they were right-wing conservative politicians. I am truly saddened by his passing. Dale’s warrior spirit lives on!

  5. Christopher Kroschel Says:

    I knew Dale, and was his friend for about 40 yrs. He was a man of high character, fun, whip-smart and an inspiration. Like me he was stricken with prostate cancer. His polio and post-polio syndrome were enough of a challenge, but then cancer. Through it all he was positive and insightful. I believe he had a life well lived, I miss his voice and mourn his passing.

  6. Betsy Miller Andersen Says:

    Dale Owen,
    What a warm person and a constant presence at KUSP.
    Dale always made time to really listen when he asked how you were. He never seemed rushed.
    I loved seeing Dale in town, going to events. I’d follow him knowing he made terrific choices.
    He will be remembered.

  7. Dee Vogel Says:

    What a sad shock. Dale was a big part of my musical life, and someone I loved seeing around town and at musical events. This is a huge loss for our community.

  8. John Henry Ledwith Says:

    Dale was very much a reflection of the music he promoted … Classical.
    Kind hearted, intelligent and a wry wit were always part of any conversation.

    And then came a direct focus on you and how things were in your life…

    Facing whatever challenges life tended to throw his way with a smile and positive attitude he was truly the best of what KUSP, the Santa Cruz Community and Humanity have to offer.

    A Pataphysical broadcaster through and through.

    thanks for the friendship

    see ya pal…..

    John Henry

  9. Teresa Lipson Says:

    I am sorry not to have been able to attend the celebration of the life of one of the finest people I have ever met but I wasnt able to make it from the UK. I remember Dale showing me around KUSP sometime in the 90′s and being horrified to see the total lack of disabled access and the considerable number of stairs required for him to reach his office. The fact that this did not deter him from his commitment to the radio station over the decades is consistent with my image of him in the 70′s refusing ever to park in disabled bays or identify himself as having any lesser claim on life than anyone else. I wish he could have known that he was an inspiration to 2 generations of women – myself and my daughter who is now very involved in disability rights, mostly as a result of staying with Dale in 1994 when she was a teenager. When I told her of Dale’s death she said ‘ I remember him as being very kind and fiercely independent’. That sounds spot on, doesnt it?