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“Outlook” from the BBC debuts on KUSP Monday 9/23

On Monday, September 23, a new program will debut on 88.9 KUSP — Outlook, from the BBC World Service. Outlook will air at 2:00 PM, immediately following Newshour — giving KUSP listeners a comprehensive look at world events from a perspective outside the USA every weekday afternoon.

Outlook’s tag line is “The place where the world tells its story.” One of the premier radio programs produced by any of the BBC’s many audio services, Outlook takes time to tell the personal stories of people, famous and not-so-famous, whose lives are touched by the events of the day. BBC correspondents from everywhere on the planet contribute to Outlook, and we are excited to bring you a daily program with this kind of global reach.

In a way, Outlook shares its mission with the program it replaces on KUSP’s schedule, The Story with Dick Gordon. Dick, we’re sorry to say, is retiring after 36 stellar years in broadcast news, and the program producers have decided to end the series rather than recruiting a successor host. Details about the end of production for The Story are linked here.

Dick’s final program will be produced in a few weeks’ time, and reruns of The Story will be available to stations for a few weeks after that, but we made the decision to change our line-up now because of the schedule of our fall membership drive, which begins on Wednesday, October 2.

One of the principles we try very hard to live by when it comes to fund-raising at KUSP is to deliver on what we promise, and only promise what we can deliver. We know that listeners make decisions about supporting our programs based on what they hear — especially while the pledge drive is underway. Since we only do two major on-air fund-raising campaigns a year, to the best of our ability we seek to let you hear what your gifts will support in the coming weeks and months… rather than putting one thing up during the pledge drive, then switch things around and present something else entirely after we get your pledge.

We think both Outlook and The Story are great programs (otherwise we wouldn’t be broadcasting them!) — but given a choice, we decided to offer you what we expect you’ll hear in the time period for many months to come, rather than something we knew would be going off the air right after the end of the pledge drive. We hope fans of The Story will understand our decision, and also hope that you’ll take notice of Outlook, and make a gift in support of the show if you appreciate what Outlook offers.

One other note about Outlook — for the first several weeks of our new schedule, Outlook will air Monday through Thursday. On Friday, BBC offers a related program, The Fifth Floor hosted by David Amanor. The Fifth Floor refers to the location of the BBC’s 27 non-English services in their broadcasting center (or centre, if you prefer). The show explores how news is covered around the world and the inflections that different languages and cultures create on the global narrative we call “the news.” It’s got a lighter touch than our other BBC programs, Outlook and Newshour, and I’m looking forward to that too.

Later this fall, Outlook is slated to move to 5-day-per-week production, and we’ll make a decision at that time about whether we follow suit or stick with “The Fifth Floor” (assuming that series continues to be available to us).

I hope you enjoy our new programs and look forward to your comments and feedback.

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