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“Play it Forward” membership campaign success

Summer is typically a season where donations to KUSP slack off a bit. So before summer arrives, we manage that situation in a variety of ways, depending on how our various sources of revenue are doing from year to year. Long-time listeners might remember that the station used to do a fund-raising auction in late May and early June — which we had to discontinue when many of our sources of donated goods and services dried up at the start of the economic downturn. That meant the auction translated to a large investment in time, effort, and money, without much net revenue in return — not something you want when it comes to fund-raising.

As we looked at the budget this spring we decided the least-disruptive thing we could do to shore up the station’s finances was a short on-air membership drive, which we broadcast from May 28 through mid-day on May 31. I’m happy to say that in that time we received gifts from over 350 donors, totaling over $29,000. These totals were in line with our goals for the campaign; a little over goal in terms of the number of gifts, a little under (but only by a couple thousand dollars) in terms of dollars raised.

One of the nice things about the outcome is that we attracted a significant number of contributors who had not made a gift to KUSP before. If we’re able to keep these new contributors as financial supporters in future years, the value of the campaign to KUSP over the long term will far exceed the (very welcome) amount of money we will put in the bank this month as our donors follow through with the pledges they made last week.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in this success — our volunteers, our very hard-working staff, and everyone who made a gift!

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