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Author Jeff VanderMeer Seeks ‘Annihilation’


vandermeer-annihilationJeff Verdermeer visits with KUSP’s Rick Kleffel – reading from his new book, Annihilation. They discuss the book and also the business of art and self-publication.

Jeff VerderMeer

Jeff VerderMeer


Rick Kleffel wrote:
Vandermeer’s latest exploration into the literary landscape is markedly different from what has come before. ‘Annihilation’ unfolds in a world that is recognizably ours, caught in the act of becoming something else. The prose is stripped bare, the world is scrubbed clean, left gleaming with potential.

VanderMeer crafts for his readers the mystery that is right in front of our eyes, every waking and dreaming moment. These moments are rendered with a crystalline beauty and precision that makes it rather difficult to discern the difference. It is in fact rather difficult to discern the import of any difference.

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