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Writer Sarah Lotz


Read a review of Sarah Lutz’s The Three, by Rick Kleffel.

Author Sarah Lutz

Author Sarah Lutz

Sarah Lotz is something of a contradiction in terms. Here’s her first novel, by my reckoning, ‘The Three.’ Bu there are three in the “Also By” list, and I come to understand she’s part of three other “writers,” that is single names on the cover that prove to be collaborations, including one with her daughter.

“…people need answers…”

— Sarah Lotz

To be honest, she looks far too young to have a daughter with whom she could collaborate, but she tells me that this is the case. The point being, if ‘The Three’ seems like a remarkably accomplished first novel, then that’s because like most “first” novels, it’s actually, well, pretty far down the line.

As a reader, I tend to confabulate, that is, to see things in novels that are not, I am later told, put there deliberately. So as I read ‘The Three,’ it seemed clear to me that Lotz is really interested in doppelgangers and doubles and simulacra a la Philip K. Dick. In hindsight, the author agreed, but she didn’t put them there on purpose. But the name Philip K. Dick is an important one for readers to remember, because this book has that vibe in spades.

We talked quite a bit about Android Man, a fellow who speaks through a version of himself he built. Lotz had to do a lot of research for this novel, and talking about that was almost as fun as the novel.

Read a review of Sarah Lutz’ The Three, by Rick Kleffel.

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