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Death of a Gallery

Good Times readers were impressed.

Good Times readers were impressed. Photos: Stephen Laufer

By Kirby Scudder

In 2009 artist and businessman and Davenport resident Roger Knapp came upon an opportunity to lease a 1,700 sq ft space right on Highway 1 in Davenport. The space had been vacant for a long time and Roger felt that this space and location would be the perfect spot for a gallery.

Roger Knapp, photographed March 27, 2013, after the closing. Photos: Stephen Laufer

Roger Knapp, photographed March 27, 2013, after the closing.


The gallery was a stones throw from the Davenport jail.

The Davenport Gallery bird flyeth.

The Davenport Gallery bird flyeth.

Later that year, after an extensive remodel, Roger opened up the Davenport Gallery which would be a membership driven gallery allowing artists to take responsibility for the gallery as well as participating in the sales of their art. After 3 1/2 years and $150,000 in art sales this week the Davenport gallery closed. I caught up with Roger at the closing reception this past Sunday to talk about what the gallery has meant to him.

The gallery had a membership base of 30 local artists that would share in the responsibility of keeping the doors open and interacting with the public. The gallery’s location at 450 highway 1 is right down the road from the original odwalla plant and next door to the historic road house cafe. Gallery artists benefited from daily tours stopping for lunch on their way from San Francisco to Monterey.

Early in the development of the gallery Roger consulted with other galleries on the Central Coast to gather information on everything from lighting to selling.

The gallery had no shortage of lighting.

More than 130 lights, including 20 spotlights designed for sculpture.

Although this chapter of the gallery is now in the past, some of the artists represented in the gallery such as Ed Dickey are pursuing other opportunities in Davenport for exhibiting the work of local artists.

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