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Community College Deliberates Future for Lifelong Learning


By Kirby Scudder
“I took a jewelry class 20-some years ago at Cabrillo College with Linda Watson. My first class ever I was not a artist and since then I have worked in that field,” says jeweler and Cabrillo College adjunct instructor Angela Gleason. The question is whether future students will be able to take advantage of the same classes Gleason took. As the Community College system focuses tight resources on classes that provide credits for transfer to the U.C. system or which provide a clear route to the job market, art classes are under scrutiny. The system is restricting how many times a class can be taken, disrupting the approach many art students have taken to developing their skills.

Important for Any Artist: Take Some Time With Another Medium


By Kirby Scudder

Eckphrasis juxtaposes poetry by Elisa Noemi and Kevin Devaney with assemblage work by Stephen Lynch.

A Brush with Eckphrasis juxtaposes poetry by Elisa Noemi and Kevin Devaney with assemblage work by Stephen Lynch.

An exhibit at Casa Nostra restaurant in Ben Lomond presents the assemblage work of Stephen Lynch alongside poetry by Kevin Devaney and Elisa Noemi. Says Devaney the result of this exploration of a physical medium is beauty. The exhibit is titled “A Brush With Echphrasis,” eckphrasis being a Greek term referring to a description usually of art.

Balanced Composition



Lexis Rubenis is an abstract painter who says his biggest influences include Irish surrealist Francis Bacon. In November the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco presented his show “Subconscious Imagery.” Rubenis says he aspires to the example Bacon set of balancing composition. For years Rubenis worked in art supply stores. What shows from that experience is a complex understanding of paint and pigment.

From Ceramic Revolution to Contemporary Mixed Media


By Kirby Scudder | KUSP News

Stan Welsh began his career as a ceramic artist following in the footsteps of people who were taking the medium from pots and vases to modernism. KUSP’s Kirby Scudder reports Welsh’s latest work combines ceramics with photography and other media.

I.G. Bayo


I.G. Bayo combines contemporary fashion with the traditional weaving of his native Nigeria.

Mountain Art Adventure – An Interview With Melissa Leeds


Artists in Bonny Doon are held open studios July 27th and 28th for the second annual Bonny Doon Studio Tour.

Kirby Scudder’s interview with one of the artists, ceramic painter Melissa Leeds is the audio featured at the top of this post.

Leeds says she was a painter until she encountered the ceramics department at her art school. When she met renowned potter Mattie Leeds, she turned in her pains for glazes.



10 Days of Pushing Boundaries


Kirby Scudder speaks with Greg Paroff who performs “ENGEL THE ELDER’S BARD, BEAT$, & BURLESQUE.” The show intersperse stand-up comedy, hip-hop and Shakespeare monologues. It’s one of the shows in the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival July 11-20.

The festival Web site descibes Paroff’s shows with this quote from the Santa Cruz Weekly’s Georgia Perry, ”Let me say this: You certainly do not have to be a fan of Shakespeare to enjoy this show. In fact, Shakespeare-haters may even like it more.”

2013 Fringe Festival Information: Fringe Festival Website


Death of a Gallery

Good Times readers were impressed.

Good Times readers were impressed. Photos: Stephen Laufer

By Kirby Scudder

In 2009 artist and businessman and Davenport resident Roger Knapp came upon an opportunity to lease a 1,700 sq ft space right on Highway 1 in Davenport. The space had been vacant for a long time and Roger felt that this space and location would be the perfect spot for a gallery.

Roger Knapp, photographed March 27, 2013, after the closing. Photos: Stephen Laufer

Roger Knapp, photographed March 27, 2013, after the closing.


The gallery was a stones throw from the Davenport jail.

The Davenport Gallery bird flyeth.

The Davenport Gallery bird flyeth.

Later that year, after an extensive remodel, Roger opened up the Davenport Gallery which would be a membership driven gallery allowing artists to take responsibility for the gallery as well as participating in the sales of their art. After 3 1/2 years and $150,000 in art sales this week the Davenport gallery closed. I caught up with Roger at the closing reception this past Sunday to talk about what the gallery has meant to him.

The gallery had a membership base of 30 local artists that would share in the responsibility of keeping the doors open and interacting with the public. The gallery’s location at 450 highway 1 is right down the road from the original odwalla plant and next door to the historic road house cafe. Gallery artists benefited from daily tours stopping for lunch on their way from San Francisco to Monterey.

Early in the development of the gallery Roger consulted with other galleries on the Central Coast to gather information on everything from lighting to selling.

The gallery had no shortage of lighting.

More than 130 lights, including 20 spotlights designed for sculpture.

Although this chapter of the gallery is now in the past, some of the artists represented in the gallery such as Ed Dickey are pursuing other opportunities in Davenport for exhibiting the work of local artists.

To follow future developments go to I’m Kirby Scudder

Thomas Campbell, Work in Progress


Listen to Kirby Scudders report above.

Thomas Campbell’s work, a 75-foot-long three-dimensional mural incorporating paint, collage, and sewing evolved over a two month period. Some of that is touched on in the photos below. (Image 3 is a smaller study for the piece).

Below: Thomas Campbell, Working in the Solari Gallery from Santa Cruz MAH.

Celebrating Steinbeck in Music


By Kirby Scudder

The Santa Cruz Public Library will be presenting a concert including numerous musicians performing music inspired by John Steinbeck and the times he lived in. Concert producer Neal Hellman explains.

In 2011, Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Library and the Santa Cruz Public Library partnered to apply for the NEA’s Big Read grant and Santa Cruz Reads was formed. This year Santa Cruz Reads received a grant to pay tribute to John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. As part of a series of events throughout the County commemorating John Steinbeck , Nationally acclaimed musician and performer Neal Hellman was invited to produce a remembrance of the music of Steinbeck’s time. Months in the making, Neal has assembled world class performers for ‘A Musical Celebration of the Life and Times of John Steinbeck’.

Many musicians of the time were influenced by the post depression/pre war writings of Steinbeck. This music celebration includes the works of Woody Guthrie, Glenn Miller, Harold Arden, Consuelo Velazquez, Jimmie Rogers and more.
Steinbeck grew up in Salinas and spent much of his life on and off in the area. Salinas is now home to the National Steinbeck Center. This musical tribute will take place on Saturday March 2nd at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center and on Sunday afternoon at the Steinbeck Center in Salinas. The Sunday event includes a day at the museum along with this incredible music compilation.
If you would like more information on ‘A Musical Celebration of the Life and Times of John Steinbeck’ go to