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10 Days of Pushing Boundaries


Kirby Scudder speaks with Greg Paroff who performs “ENGEL THE ELDER’S BARD, BEAT$, & BURLESQUE.” The show intersperse stand-up comedy, hip-hop and Shakespeare monologues. It’s one of the shows in the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival July 11-20.

The festival Web site descibes Paroff’s shows with this quote from the Santa Cruz Weekly’s Georgia Perry, ”Let me say this: You certainly do not have to be a fan of Shakespeare to enjoy this show. In fact, Shakespeare-haters may even like it more.”

2013 Fringe Festival Information: Fringe Festival Website


Tannery Project Restores 19th Century Kron House


By Kirby scudder

For several years before the Tannery Art Center began construction, Kirby Scudder operated the Dead Cow Gallery in the Kron House on the Salz Tannery site. Courtesy of

Mike Zelver has worked at the Tannery for the last 9 years as the owner’s representative for the City of Santa Cruz. Mike has been on the ground throughout the construction of the live/work spaces, the historic work studios and now the historic restoration of the Kron House, the former home of Jacob Kron, the original owner of the tannery.

In March the year-long restoration project will be complete, ending the most challenging restoration project to date on the tannery’s 8.3 acre property. The Kron house will become the new home to the Santa Cruz County Cultural Council, providing office and conference room space for the county-wide arts organization.

In 1861 Jacob Kron bought the Tannery property and lived in the Kron House until his death in 1879. As the property transferred ownership to the Salzs and later the Lezin Family, the use of the house changed with many additions being built until the final construction in 1969. These multiple structures over many years presented a series of challenges for Mike Zelver, whose goal was both to preserve the historical structure and bring it up to present day construction codes.

Mike has overseen every phase of development at the Tannery, starting with the property cleanup in 2005 and 2006. He’s enthusiastic about the evolution of the Tannery?s role in the community.

Life’s Work Found – Glass Artist Nathan Bennett


Glass artist Nathan Bennett at work in Kirby Scudder's interview on the Santa Cruz Sentinel Web site.

By Kirby Scudder

Glass artist Nathan Bennett demonstrates one of the tools used in offhand glass blowing. Fused glass is accumulated at one end of a blowing iron or a blowpipe, and using special tools transforms the glass into a new shape. Bennett says he’s found a type of work that he can develop through a lifetime.

Path to Independence
Early on Nathan pursued his interest in glass by working on a small scale while supporting himself with part time work. Nathan honed his skills by creating scientific glass for companies in Silicon Valley.  This precision work helped Nathan develop glass blowing skills in a competitive environment and clarify his vision for  the future.

After six years of working with technology companies Nathan?s personal dream of pursuing his artistic passion became a reality.  Now in his own studio in Santa Cruz Nathan pursues a form of glass work called Lampworking.  Lampwork is a type of glasswork where a torch is used to melt the glass shaping the glass with tools and hand movements.
You can contact Nathan at

Watch video of this interview from the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Playing the Birth of a New Era


Jesse Autumn performing at Open Studios. Source

However you interpret the end of the Mayan calendar, Friday night is a fine time for music. KUSP’s Kirby Scudder previews “A More Lovely Apocalypse,” a performance by Monterey Bay area harpist and composer Jesse Autumn and others.

An Artist’s Take on Santa Cruz County’s Live-Work Artists’ Homes


Graphic Designer Caroline Webster was pleasantly surprised when she returned to her native Santa Cruz a few years ago to discover a richer more supportive arts community. Part of that is the continually growing Tannery Arts Center, where she is among 50 artists working in on site studios.

A Thriving Hub of Creativity


Photo: Laufer / KUSP

By Kirby Scudder

The Tannery Art Center’s next phase opened in August. Now a cafe and several galleries and studios operate in a complex adjacent to the live-work studios that were the project’s first phase. The new development is built around a facility dedicated to digital creation. Ceramicist and Tannery publicist Ann Hazels gives us a tour.

Through the Eyes of an Architectural Photographer


An example of Art Gray's work for Interior Design magazine. Photo: Art Gray

If you’ve seen images of Beijing’s Birds Nest Olympic Stadium or the Guggenheim in Bilbao, you’ve probably seen those structures through the specialized techniques of an architectural photographer.

KUSP’s Kirby Scudder spoke with Art Gray, a photographer tasked with documenting the new Tannery Arts and Digital Media Center in Santa Cruz.

Art Gray’s website.

Broadening the Horizons of Dance


Dancer and teacher Micha Scott. Photo by Steve DiBartolomeo


By Kirby Scudder

Cat Willis wants to broaden the possibilities for dance in the Monterey Bay area. At her new studio you could learn Senegalese, Carribean or hip-hop dancing. She told KUSP’s Kirby Scudder the goal is for students to learn from professional artists.