“Rooster Rag” Little Feat’s Best Album in Years!


Literally. It really is a good album.  Everyone in Little Feat must have gone out and got themselves a bunch of brand new sailin’ shoes because these guys haven’t been this inspired in decades. Or at least for the last 9 years as “Rooster Rag” is their first album of new material since.

I loved all the albums Little Feat made during the Lowell George era 1971-1979 (Come on, Warner Bros. When you are going to give the Feat’s catalog from that era the royal treatment and remaster them with bonus tracks?). Four of the current six members from the 70′s Feats are still in the band. Missing in action is co-founder, drummer Ritchie Hayward who passed away last year.

For the record, I stopped listening to the revamped Feat’s after 1991′s “Shake It” as it seemed to me their soles were becoming a bit worn out. Not so with “Rooster Rag” which contains enough top notch tunes making my feets very, very happy. By the way, the album’s title and song of the same name is not about poultry but one of the band member’s dog named “Rooster”. Check some sample tracks on the above audio link.

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