The Exhibitionist

exhibitionist back from a long vacation!

It's easy to see how the mist-wielding Apus of Peru are considered gods, they are more than present, they are powerful.

Since last I wrote I’ve climbed Machu Picchu, danced Sevillanas at the feria in Jerez, Spain, walked the northernmost reaches of my birthland, Scotland, and sang songs with a ceilidh singer in a highlands pub. It’s been a time thick with life changes.

I had planned to wait until the new year to return to writing, but in fact there are some experiences I’m bursting to share. So watch this space for a flurry of entries as I try to catch up with some impressive recent visual and performing arts…and some upcoming you just can’t miss.  Keep posted!



Futzie Nutzle Show at MAH


Maureen and J.D. Hillard visited the new Futzie Nutzle show at the Museum of Art and History. Nutzle, aka Bruce Kleinsmith, is an arts activist who helped make Santa Cruz the rich artist-oriented city it is today. This exhibition highlights his drawings and assemblages, some of which have been collected by and featured in the Museum of Modern Art, Rolling Stone Magazine and The Japan Times.

Info on the show at MAH.

Kleinsmith also has a concurrent show of  California Missions (in oil and pastels) at the Gene Oliver Gallery in San Juan Bautista.