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Bicycling Environment is a Limiting Factor


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Many roads fall short on their legal function as a right of way for all means of transportation. Maintenance favors the middle lanes, road design can leave bikes and pedestrians using gutters and other surfaces that may be unpleasant or hazardous. On Highway 68 on the Monterey Peninsula, there are rumble strips to wake up drivers who may drift toward the shoulder – good idea but these consist of deep clefts in the road surface a few inches across. You can’t ride a bike there.

Photo: Stephen Laufer

Photo: Stephen Laufer

Here’s a slide show of Complete Streets put together by the group Smart Growth America. There’s no one model for the concept. Complete Streets are roads designed to be used by all the members of their community. An urban complete street may include special lanes to conduct bus and cycling traffic through intersections. A rural complete street may separate these kinds of traffic as their speeds will vary greatly.

Contacts for ‘Bicycle Services‘ within local transportation agencies:
Transportation Agency for Monterey County
Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission