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The Butterfly Effect, Rydell Grant Winners and Futzie Nutzle… Oh My!

Catch an amazing amount of great local art now at the Museum of Art and History.

Current Exhibits:

Shelby Graham’s photographic installation allows you to step into a world of light drawings, hanging scrolls, magnifying glasses and specimens for close observation. Artist and curator Shelby Graham creates a delicate installation of fragile wings that can melt when held too close to the light that created them.


Artist Futzie Nutzle, aka Bruce Kleinsmith, is an arts activist who helped make Santa Cruz the rich artist-oriented city it is today. This exhibition highlights his drawings and assemblages, some of which have been collected by and featured in the Museum of Modern Art,Rolling Stone Magazine and The Japan Times. Nutzle’s work was shown in Café Pergolesi, the first generation of modern coffee shops in Santa Cruz. His visual puns are spare, clear, amusing, and go right to the center of the issue at hand.

Rydell Award Winners:

Andrea Borsuk, a Cabrillo College instructor whose paintings deal with images of feminine beauty and feminism in often humorous contexts
Andy Ruble, an instructor at Foothill College and a ceramicist whose sculptures embrace both natural and architectural forms.
Tim Craighead, an abstract artist who is also a lecturer at UC Santa Cruz.
Victoria May, whose provocative work includes handmade pieces such as garments and headgear often with psychological or socio-political themes.

All three shows continue through March 18th, 2012.

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