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Series of Strong Pacific Storms Through Sunday

A deep low pressure system in the Gulf of Alaska is sending bands of rain and wind to the West Coast through Sunday. Source NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory

Several days of rain could bring up to 12 inches of precipitation to coastal mountains. If soil is saturated by the weekend, there’s a chance of flooding.

Los Padres National Forest Closes Several Roads

Los Padres National Forest has closed numerous roads and trails in anticipation for the heavy rains forecast through Monday. Find a list of closed trails and roads at the bottom of this post.

Watch a satellite animation of water vapor flowing off the east Pacific.


Winds from the first wave of this week’s three storms closed roads in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Highway 236 and other roads were closed for periods due to downed trees and power lines. Several cars lost control and closed northbound lanes on Highway 17.

As of 8:30pm Wednesday, the affect of the first wave of low pressure has been from less than an inch of rain in inland valleys to 3 inches in the Santa Lucias. Highlands Park near Monterey felt gusts as high as 54 mph. Low lying areas saw winds more in the 20s and 30s. Some lightning was reported and radar picked up a likely water spout. All this from the National Weather Service.

Thursday is forecast to be breezy ahead of light rain. Heavier rain was forecast to arrive Friday.  Between Thursday morning and Saturday morning as much as 6 inches of rain cold fall in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The final band of heavy weather is forecast to come through Sunday.


Los Padres National Forest Closed Trails and Roads:

  • La Brea Canyon Road                                                           
  • Miranda Pines Road (11N03)                                    
  • Bates Canyon Road
  • Sierra Madre Road
  • Miranda Pines Campground
  • Brookshire Campground Road                                  
  • Colson Canyon RoadZaca Ridge Road                                                        
  • Figueroa Mountain Lookout Road                            
  • Catway OHV Trail
  • Rockfront Ranch OHV Area                                     
  • Pozo/La Panza OHV Area
  • East Pinery Road                                                       
  • Branch Creek Road
  • Hi Mountain Road                                                     
  • Huasna Road
  • American Canyon Road                                            
  • West Cuesta Road
  • Friis Road                                                                  
  • McGinnis Creek/Navajo Road
  • Red Hill Road                                                            
  • Queen Bee Road
  • Pozo Road

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