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Pinnacles Monument Becomes National Park


The unique rock formations are a big draw for visitors at Pinnacles. Photo: Rennett Stowe / flickr

By J.D. Hillard | KUSP News -

(Updated Thursday Jan. 10)
On Thursday, President Obama signed a bill making Pinnacles National Monument the United States next national park.

The Senate passed a bill Sunday that would elevate The Pinnacles from a national monument. That joined the House of Representatives’ passage earlier this year of a similar bill authored by Rep. Sam Farr (D-Carmel).

The Pinnacles was first set aside as a park in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt. It is the oldest national monument.

Changing the park’s status would have relatively small effect on the park system budget and the president is expected to sign the bill. That would make The Pinnacles the 59th national park.

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