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The Fun in Fungus

Poster for the 2013 Santa Cruz Fungus Fair. Source: scfungusfair.org

The 2013 Fungus Fair in Santa Cruz takes place the 11th through 13th of January.

Below find some of KUSP’s archived coverage of past fungus fairs.

January 12, 2012 -
Meghan Rosen | KUSP News
It’s a bright, brisk morning in Santa Cruz: perfect for being outside, perfect for hiking through the woods, perfect, in fact, for almost anything but hunting mushrooms.

Photos by Meghan Rosen

Christian Schwarz is a Minister of Science at the Fungus Federation, and leads a pack of 30 novice mushroom-hunters through the mixed conifer forests at the eastern edge of UC Santa Cruz’s campus. They’re trying to find display specimens for the Federation’s 38th annual Fungus Fair. The Fair is a 3-day event that merges mycology with culinary demonstrations, guest speakers and the basics of identification.


More info/ Fungus Fair website

KUSP Archives: 

January 10, 2011
J.D. Hillard, Maureen Davidson | KUSP News

The 37th annual Santa Cruz Fungus Fair is underway in downtown Santa Cruz. Hundreds of mushrooms are on display, and the people who gathered them are on hand to talk about whether they’d taste good or kill you or both. KUSP’s J.D. Hillard joined Exhibitionist Maureen Davidson for a preview of the event.

January 8, 2010
Gwyneth Dickie | KUSP News

The 36th Annual Santa Cruz Fungus Fair is held each January at the Loudon Nelson Community Center in downtown Santa Cruz. The fair showcases local fungi and provides guests with classes, food and entertainment.

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