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Progress Before Your Eyes


Sculptor, painter Thomas Campbell is building a 75-foot, 3-dimensional mural over the next several weeks. Photos: Stephen Laufer / KUSP

Ze Frank will be in the house of MAH.

Nick Lally of the Building collective explains how Santa Cruz stories will be mapped on MAH's walls.

A boy interacts with an installation that asks "What's Important".

A typical museum experience: a new exhibit seems exciting. You visit it, spend some time and for weeks or months after, if it’s good, it pops into your thoughts. The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History is host to several exhibits which you may not be satisfied seeing only once.

Most immediately Saturday and Sunday January 12th and 13th, online collaboration artist  Ze Frank stages an element of his ongoing project “A Show.” the audio at the top of this post is MAH Executive Director Nina Simon’s description of the event, and read Nina’s blog Museum 2.0 about the project.

And over the next several weeks a 75-foot 3-dimensional mural is under construction and you can watch the progress.

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