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From monumental ceramics to breathtaking landscapes – 27 artists in 18 studios open this weekend

Tessa Hope Hasty is among the Bonny Doon Artists whose art will be part of this weekend's Bonny Doon Art Tour. Courtesy of Bonny Doon Art Tour.

“Bay Moon” by Tessa Hope Hasty. Hasty is among the Bonny Doon artists participating in this weekend’s Bonny Doon Art Tour. Courtesy of Bonny Doon Art Tour.

Artists in Bonny Doon are holding open studios this weekend for the second annual Bonny Doon Studio Tour.

Kirby Scudder’s interview with one of the artists, ceramic painter Melissa Leeds is the audio featured at the top of this post.

Leeds says she was a painter until she encountered the ceramics department at her art school. When she met renowned potter Mattie Leeds, she turned in her pains for glazes.

Now she paints large-scale pots, experimenting with glaze mixes and how they react at different temperatures. The process involves a lot more trial and error than painting on canvas.
“It’s a little frightening but I think if you don’t take the risk it’s not worth doing,” she says.

The art tour Web site: bonnydoonarttour.com┬áhas a map to studios and examples of the 27 artists’ work.

Celebrating the vast array of artistic work created in this peaceful environment, 27 artists at 18 locations will be opening their studios to the public. Painters, sculptors, ceramic artists, printmakers, woodcarvers and glass artists will welcome guests into their studios. Many artists will be demonstrating their processes.

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