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Interviews with Kevin Puts and Derek Bermel


This 7th Avenue Project show (listen above) was broadcast on July 28, 2013, featuring Composers Kevin Puts and Derek Bermel. (KUSP’s Cabrillo Festival broadcast schedule here.)

Kevin Puts and Derek Bermel. Photos: Courtesy of the Artists.

Kevin Puts and Derek Bermel. Photos: Courtesy of the Artists.

Composer Kevin Puts returns to this year’s Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music with his new Flute Concerto and a Pulitzer Prize to his credit. Kevin and I talked about the new work and its charming backstory; about his love of heartfelt music, whatever proponents of modernist abstraction may say; and about his choice of a contemplative composing career over the athletic rigors of concert piano.

In the second part of the show, globe-trotting composer/clarinetist Derek Bermel describes Dust Dances, an orchestral piece based on his studies of the West African xylophone known as the gyil. Both Dust Dances and the Flute Concerto will be performed on opening night of the Cabrillo Festival, August 2.

Want to build a gyil? Don’t forget the spiderwebs.

About the ‘7th Avenue Project’:
Created by radio producer Robert Pollie, a weekly radio show for the seriously curious. Interviews and features on science, philosophy, art, music, culture and real-life stories, from Nobel laureates to prison inmates.

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