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Shakespeare SC’s Artistic Director On Announcement 2013 is Final Season

Photo: Courtesy of Shakespeare Santa Cruz

Photo: Courtesy of Shakespeare Santa Cruz

By J.D. Hillard | KUSP News

Marco Barricelli says he felt that Shakespeare Santa Cruz had got its business figured out in the 2013 season. He noted that the company has a history of falling back on support from U.C. Santa Cruz, which was the stated reason for the troupe’s cancellation. But he says this season, revenue had come to 98 of what had been budgeted.

The company has relied consistently on the help of the university. Last fiscal year, Shakespeare Santa Cruz’s revenue was $500,000 below it budget, which already included hundreds of thousands of dollars from U.C.S.C. David Yager, dean of arts for U.C.S.C. says that with students paying higher fee for smaller class selections, that money should go toward academics.

The announcement came with no warning, Barricelli says. Yager called Monday morning. An end-of-season wine-tasting was scheduled later that day:

“There were people who were angry. There were people who were sad. And there were people like me who said ‘Look, it’s the way it is. We still have to maintain the integrity of this last week.’”

He says that while he believes the University and the community have lost something important, he doesn’t want a vigil. ”We’re all professionals. This is what we do. There’s nothing fair about the theater.”


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