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‘Intelligence Squared’ Debate Question: The U.S. Has No Dog in the Fight in Syria


Photo: Courtesy of http://intelligencesquaredus.org/

This debate airs on KUSP Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013 at 7 p.m. It can also be heard in audio above.

Also, see: more detailed info here. (Video, guest bios & poll results).

There are certain international crises that on their face demand the immediate and urgent attention of presidents. We all know them when we see them — and so does the man in the White House. Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait comes to mind —

an easy call. But there are other situations where the call may be tougher to make. Bosnia got a president’s attention; Rwanda did not. And what about Syria — now in the midst of a civil war and humanitarian crisis of enormous proportions. Certainly there are U.S. interests at stake, but are they vital interests? And what of President Obama’s response so far: it has been deliberately limited, but should he go further, and with what sorts of options? Military intervention? Something else? Something less? One thing is certain: Syria is not one of those easy calls. It’s what we’re debating in Aspen, when we take on the topic: The U.S. has no dog in the fight in Syria.

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