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Both Fort Ord Measures Voted Down in Nov. 5 Election

See the official election results:
Monterey County / Santa Cruz County.

In yesterday’s vote on Monterey County’s Fort Ord lands use measures, both Measures M and K appear to have lost, failing to achieve more than fifty percent of the vote.

Had Measure M won, it would have set aside a portion of Fort Ord for habitat preservation, hiking and biking. It would likely have prevented the Monterey Downs horse track and residential development currently under consideration.

Had Measure K won it may have been favorable for the development of the Monterey Downs project.

Meanwhile, in other results:

Measure G, which would have allowed the sale of bonds to raise money for Pacific Grove Schools needed 55 percent of the vote, it appears to have only gained 51 percent.

Measure H which would allowed North Monterey County Schools to sell bonds to raise money appears to have passed with 61 percent of the vote.

Measure I taxing card rooms in Marina appears to have passed.

Soledad’s Measure J, which would have allowed a bond sale to improve health care facilities looks like it failed, falling one percentage point short of the sixty-six point six it needed to pass.

Scotts Valley’s sales tax, Measure U, appears to have passed.

Loma Prieta Schools parcel tax measure, Measure H, appears to have passed.

Monterey County also voted on other measures, including numerous school and service district boards. Find results at monterey county elections dot us.

Find Santa Cruz County results:  votes count dot com .

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