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Danilo Brito: Brazilian Mandolin, Without Restrictions

Danilo Brito will be performing at Kuumbwa Jazz in Santa Cruz on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 7 p.m. More info.

Danilo Brito. Photo Courtesy of the artist.

Danilo Brito. Photo Courtesy of the artist.

Danilo Brito is one of those rare instrumentalists with a command of both technique and interpretation. He has never formally studied music. He learned entirely by listening to his father’s old LPs as he grew up and later on, by participating in jam sessions held at the traditional music shops in downtown São Paulo.

His newest album, Sem Restrições (Without Restrictions) is quintessentially Brazilian instrumental music, as equally at ease with virtuosity and sentiment, as it is with modernity and tradition. It contains diverse genres and rhythms and harmoniously balances technique and expression without losing that authentic Brazilian swing.

The albums format is eclectic, reflecting different facets of Brito’s unique style through creative instrumentations. He includes arrangements for an ensemble of strings, flute, clarinet, guitar and cavaquinho by Laercio de Freitas, duets with Luizinho 7 Cordas, and accordion. Also featured are Milton Mori (cavaquinho), clarinetist Alexandre Ribeiro and Rafael Toledo on percussion.

In Danilo’s words: “Simple music, without over-complicating things to appear sophisticated, by musicians who take feelings seriously, all in the service of beauty.”

In the words of award winning, American mandolinist David Grisman: “The guy is a master!”

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