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Robert Plant – Live Webcast – 9/28/14

From NPR | Front Row -

Join NPR Music for a live video webcast of Robert Plant and his new band The Sensational Space Shifters.

CLICK HERE, Sunday, September 28th at 5:45 p.m. PT. a live video webcast featuring rock ‘n’ roll legend Robert Plant and his band. We’ll webcast the show from the Nonesuch At BAM music festival in Brooklyn. The former Led Zeppelin singer released a new solo album, titled lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar, earlier this month.

Plant’s Sensational Space Shifters include Justin Adams (guitar), John Baggott (keyboards), Juldeh Camara (gologo and a one-string West African violin called the riti), Billy Fuller (bass), Liam “Skin” Tyson (guitar) and Dave Smith (percussion).

Photo: Ed Miles/Courtesy of the artist

Photo: Ed Miles/Courtesy of the artist.

‘Fresh Air’ Remembers Jazz Composer Gerald Wilson

Gerald Wilson in 2009, at the Monterey Jazz Festival. Photo: Stephen Laufer / KUSP

Gerald Wilson in 2009, at the Monterey Jazz Festival. Photo: Stephen Laufer / KUSP

Gerald Wilson, who was also a trumpet player, wrote the arrangements for such greats as Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles. He died Monday at 96 years old. He spoke with Terry Gross in 2006.


Genre Breaking Laura Nyro Tribute


Note: Billy Childs performs at MJF, Saturday Sept 20th, with: “Map to the Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro”, including special guests Shawn Colvin, Lisa Fischer, Becca Stevens, and Quartet San Francisco.

Photo: Courtesy of Monterey Jazz Festival.

Photo: Courtesy of Monterey Jazz Festival.

The late Laura Nyro penned hits, including “And When I Die” and “Save the Country.”

NPR’s Scott Simon speaks with composer Billy Childs about his new album of tributes, Reimagining Laura Nyro.

See transcript below:


Interview: Musician Harvey Wainapel


KUSP’s Jeff Dayton Johnson recently spoke with reedman Harvey Wainapel (listen above) about his long love affair with Brazilian music and his new CD Amigos Brasileiros Vol. 2.  Harvey Wainapel will be appearing at Kuumbwa Jazz in Santa Cruz on Thursday, September 4th at 7 pm More info at kuumbwajazz.org

Wainapel also appears at the 2014 Monterey Jazz Festival September 19th, with Claudia Villela, exploring the  the work of João Gilberto and Stan Getz.


7th Avenue Project:
Béla Fleck and Dylan Mattingly Radio Interview


Listen to the full interviews above, or in the Soundcloud file below.

Two Musician/Composers Discuss Their Craft.


The ’7th Avenue Project’ is broadcast in KUSP every Sunday at noon. More at http://7thavenueproject.com/

Banjo phenom Béla Fleck discusses his nerve-racking foray into orchestral composition, the influence of Earl Scruggs and more. Then Dylan Mattingly, lauded by his mentor John Adams as “a hugely talented young composer who writes music of wild imagination and vigorous energy,” discusses his emotionally-driven approach to music.

‘Dylan’s Gospel’ Album Reissued


Dylan's-GospelBy Eric Berg | KUSP’s Berg Alert - 

“Dylan’s Gospel” by The Brothers and Sisters was the pet project of, and directed by, LA record producer Lou Adler – who recorded the Mamas and the Papas, made The Monterey Pop Festival happen and produced Carol King’s “Tapestry” album.  Inspired by the choirs he heard in the black Baptist churches of South LA, and the gospel feel of Dylan’s lyrics, he rightfully thought pairing up the two would be a match made in heaven.  Adler assembled some 40 church singers, professional vocalists and assorted musicians from the area. Most of them already knew each other.  He dubbed them “The Brothers and Sisters of Los Angeles” and recorded this album in a quick, four-day musical marathon of joyful singing in June of 1969.

Gospel half hour

Not exactly the Dylan Gospel Hour by any means, this long out of print recording is a too short but essential 36 minutes – ten tracks of exhilarating 60’s Dylan masterpieces done with “gospel and funk and hallelujah” – as the album was described in a hipster magazine ad some 45 years ago.

Merry Clayton and others

Several of the sisters were professional background singers who later became well known in the years after “Dylan’s Gospel”.  Like Merry Clayton, best known for her signature howl behind Jagger on the Stone’s “Gimme Shelter” and recently featured in the Academy Award winning documentary “20 Ft From Stardom” She leads the choir on “The Mighty Quinn” and gives it just the right amount of Sunday afternoon church party funk.  (By the way, Clayton is currently recovering from serious injuries after a mid June car accident in Los Angeles.)

Edna Wright, sister of Lady Lay” and you’ll hear Gloria Jones with The Brothers on the album’s full throttle gospel Darlene Love and a member of the Blossoms, takes the lead on “Lay standout track,  “Chimes of Freedom”.

A groundbreaking first

Originally released on Adler’s Ode Records label, “Dylan’s Gospel” went straight to the cut out bins and out of print almost overnight. There have been other more modern attempts to gospelize the works of Bob Dylan over the years but this album, long sought after by collectors was a groundbreaking first and it still is.  Adler’s Brothers and Sisters  brought together a group of then unknown singers who gathered simply because they loved to sing.  And what could be more suitable back in those times for new gospel record than these ten songs Dylan wrote during his most productive years.

Long overdue, “Dylan’s Gospel” by The Brothers and Sisters has just been reissued with extensive liner notes and photos on cd and vinyl by Light in the Attic Records.

That calls for a mighty “hallelujah!”


The Coffis Brothers – No Longer on the ‘Wrong Side of The Road’


By Eric Berg from the BergAlert

The Coffis Brothers and the Mountain Men return to their old stomping grounds for a headlining show at Don Quixote’s in Felton on Saturday, July 12 2014. The above KUSP podcast was aired 07/10/14


San Lorenzo Valley rockers The Coffis Brothers and The Mountain Men are straight out’a Ben Lomond, but on their new album “Wrong Side of the Road”  you’d swear they were from somewhere deep in the land of Dixie by way of an extended stay in the hills of LA’s fabled Laurel Canyon.


Questlove And The Roots: How A Hip-Hop Band Conquered Late Night

Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson serves as drummer, bandleader and producer for The Roots. Photo: Ben Watts/Press Here Publicity

Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson serves as drummer, bandleader and producer for The Roots. Photo: Ben Watts/Press Here Publicity

By Dave Deggens

The not-so-secret weapon on The Tonight Show is The Roots, a band whose success on the NBC program was so swift it even surprised a few people at NBC. The group’s drummer and leader, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, says music is a crucial part of The Tonight Show, and he spent some time showing NPR TV critic Eric Deggans exactly why.

For the first time, a hip-hop group is the house band for the most influential TV show in late night.

And you can chalk up much of The Roots’ success to the relaxed perfectionism of the band’s leader, Questlove.

When I first meet him, he is lounging on a couch in a mixing room, deep inside The Tonight Show‘s Rockefeller Center studios. Casually dressed in black jeans and black hoodie emblazoned with the words “legendary Roots crew,” Questlove is listening to a recording of the band rehearsing its new single, “Never.”


Interview with Darlene Love – Riding High on ‘Stardom’


Darlene Love. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Hot on the heels of this year’s Academy Award winning documentary, “20 Feet From Stardom”, singer Darlene Love makes her first live performance ever in the Monterey Bay area, Sunday, June 29th at the Golden State Theater in Monterey.  

By Eric Berg | BergAlert

Once a backup singer, then a girl group diva and now a superstar vocalist, Darlene Love is at the top of her 60 year plus career and having the time of her life thanks the success of Oscar winning music documentary,  “20 Feet From Stardom”.

If you’ve seen the film, you know that Love’s career is legendary, If you haven’t watched “20 Feet” do so immediately so I won’t have to repeat the story of the vocalist’s early career singing in obscurity behind many of the music industry’s top ten rock n roll hits of the  ‘60’s and 70’s with low pay and no name recognition until the mid 80’s when she finally got her due and became the star she was supposed to be.


Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Moby

This clip is from the episode of Bullseye, broadcast June 22, 2014.

Moby is one of the most successful electronic musicians in the world. But he didn’t start fiddling with synthesizers and drum machines as a kid — he was studying classical guitar. Then, his world changed with just one song.