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KUSP is looking for Monterey Bay area residents to help us keep our audience informed on key issues.

During 2013 we are partnering with the Public Insight Network to establish connections with knowledgeable people and people with close experience with the topics we cover. In particular, we want your help with our series on water planning, “The Water Squeeze.” We’re examining how our region, which is rife with over-drafted aquifers and few other water sources, will plan and develop water systems for the next century.

If you’ve seen decisions about water usage and planning for a farm, business or agency; if you’ve watched your own water bill over the years; if you’ve thought about your personal role in consumption and conservation, you can provide valuable perspective as we continue this reporting.

To join KUSP’s Public Insight Network you just fill out a short form, linked below. All the answers we get help us better understand how we should direct our reporting going forward. If your experience is directly related to a story we’re covering, we may hope to interview you briefly. Please let us know in the form if you would be available for further contact

To join KUSP’s Public Insight Network, CLICK HERE and please fill out as much of the form as you can.