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“Origami: Art + Mathematics,” Exhibit

David Huffman, with one of his paper foldings, in 1978. Photo from UC Santa Cruz press release.

This exhibit honors the late David Huffman, UCSC computer scientist and a pioneer of mathematical origami, and opens on Sunday, April 8, at the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery, Cowell College, continuing through June 16. The exhibit features internationally known computational origami artists Robert Lang, Erik and Martin Demaine, and Brian Chan, as well as rarely seen works by Huffman and one work by the late French origami master Eric Joisel.

“This type of origami is not your father’s origami. This is computational origami, and it will blow your mind,” said Linda Pope, director and curator of the Smith Gallery.

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Gallery Hours: Tuesday РSunday 11 A.M. Р4 P.M.