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Doug Ramsey on Bill Evans

BillEvansBill Evans’ 85th birth date was August 16th.  Doug Ramsey on his Rifftides blog remembers “the most influential jazz pianist of the second half of the twentieth century” and includes a video of an appearance at Umbria Jazz in Italy in 1978.  Here’s an additional video (on “Jazz 225″ with host Humphrey Lyttelton) of a beautiful concert with Chuck Israels and Larry Bunker. (photo: C’est Sá)

Pat Martino’s 70th Birthday


Pat Martino made a remarkable recovery following his 1980 surgery because of a brain aneurysm.

The fascinating story of his almost complete loss of memory and the road back to a virtuosic career is told in the biography page of his website.  A couple of the videos below are from those days.  I’ve also included a more recent exciting performance.

Pat Martino’s 70th birthday is on Monday.  We listen to some selections by Martino on the show this week.

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Gosh — Slim & Slam!

Slim And SlamThis week the high spirited music and exuberant antics of Slim Gaillard and Slam Stewart together–and not together–are featured in movie and video clips.  We listen to a couple of selections on the show as well.