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Jeff Dayton-Johnson September 21, 2013 0
Bobby McFerrin at his soundcheck. Photo: Stephen Laufer / KUSP

Bobby McFerrin at his soundcheck. Photo: Stephen Laufer / KUSP

Saturday night at 8 pm, you will wish you could be in several places at once. Dave Douglas and Joe Lovano playing new music by Wayne Shorter; Ravi Coltrane at Dizzy’s Den; pianist Craig Taborn finishing up his set at the Night Club. And it doesn’t get any easier to choose as the night wears on… Let’s focus on what our listeners and web visitors can see and hear.


Artist-in-Residence Joe Lovano and Showcase Artist Dave Douglas join forces for “Sound Prints” on the Main Stage, playing music composed specially for the Festival by Wayne Shorter. An intriguing program: for tenor saxophonist Lovano, because he will be playing the work of another mighty tenor saxophonist; for trumpeter Douglas, because he has been so indelibly marked musically by the mid-60s sound Shorter pioneered with Miles Davis.

Douglas and Lovano will be followed by supergroup Prism, including bassist Dave Holland and guitarist Kevin Eubanks (of “Tonight Show” fame – and check out Holland’s 1988 record with Eubanks, Extensions for early insight into their telepathic partnership). The quartet is rounded out by keyboardist Craig Taborn and drummer Eric Harland. Last up: the inimitable Bobby McFerrin‘s “Spirityouall”.


Keyboardist Craig Taborn‘s trio starts off the evening’s webcasts from the Night Club stage before joining Prism later this evening: the prolific pianist, whose work is stylistically varied, ventures too rarely out of the New York jazz corridor and this performance is avidly anticipated among the Monterey Bay jazz-bos. Taborn is followed by straightahead jazz vocalist Mary Stallings. The Brubeck Brothers Quartet carries on the considerable legacy of their late father to close out the stage. Catch it all at

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