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Jeff Dayton-Johnson September 22, 2013 0
Photo: Emile Holba / Courtesy of

Photo: Emile Holba / Courtesy of

Vibraphonist and National Endowment of the Arts Jazz Master Bobby Hutcherson finishes the bill at the Night Club stage at the Monterey Jazz Festival this Sunday evening. The concert will stream for the enjoyment of anyone with an internet connection beginning at 9 pm Monterey time.

Hutcherson’s distinguished career began in the company of some of the more adventurous post-bop players in the mid-1960s; his association with the late pianist Andrew Hill was especially rich in deep music (e.g. the 1965 Blue Note album Dialogue. In the 1970s and beyond, Hutcherson has added to that original musical mix a more straightahead hard-bop sound. All of these strands and more will be there tonight on the Night Club stage.

The closing slot at the Night Club was meant to be performed by pianist Cedar Walton (also recently made an NEA Jazz Master), who passed away on August 19, 2013. MJF asked Hutcherson – who has performed in a quartet with Walton in recent years – to take his place. According to MJF Artistic Director Tim Jackson, Hutcherson plans to feature music by and associated with his late colleague.


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