President Obama’s Budget Proposes No Changes in Public Broadcasting Funding

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Today the White House released the President’s budget proposal for the fiscal year that starts on October 1, 2012.

The budget keeps the annual appropriation to support public radio and television (through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting) at $445 million, which is the same amount as was passed into law for the fiscal year we are in now.

Public broadcasting supporters are generally very happy to see an initial proposal that does not cut federal funding to public broadcasting below present levels. That said, the appropriations process is very long and sometimes convoluted, so it will take some time to see how this all turns out.

Federal funding is only one of the tax-based parts of public broadcasting’s economy. Historically, many states (though not California) have also budgeted support for their local stations — though that support has eroded greatly in the past two years. This story in Current, a trade publication for public media, reports on the latest developments.


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