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OFOB for 3/24/15

  • Marc-Andre Hamelin- Variations, Op. 41- Kasputin: Piano Music, Vol. 2- Hyperion
  • *Dave Burrell- Sophisticated Lady- Plays Ellington & Monk- Denon
  • Alexander von Schlippenbach- Light Blue- Alexander von Schlippenbach Plays Monk- Enja
  • Alexander von Schlippenbach- Locomotive- Schlippenbach Plays Monk- Intakt
  • Tama [Aki Takase/Jan Roder/Oliver Steidle]- Ein hoher Baum fangt viel Wind [a tree catches much wind]- Rolled Up- jazzwerkstatt
  • *Satoko Fujii ma-do Quartet- The Squall in the Sahara- Heat Wave- Libra records
  • Aki Takase & Alexander von Schlippenbach- Zankapfel [bone of contention]- Iron Wedding- Intakt
  • Satoko Fujii ma-do Quartet- Set the Clock Back- Time Stands Still- Not Two records
  • Kaze [Christian Pruvost/Natsuki Tamura/Satoko Fujii/Peter Orins]- Tioky Astimo- Uminari- Libra records
  • *Myra Melford- Little Pockets/Everybody Pays Taxes- Snowy Egret- Enja yellowbird
  • Atomic [Havard Wiik/Fredrik Ljungkvist/Magnus Broo/Ingebrigt Haker Flaten/…]- Laterna Interfuit [lantern assemblies]- Lucidity- Jazzland recordings
  • Daniel Erdmann/Gebhard Ullmann/Johannes Fink/Christian Lillinger- Estupido Hombre- E & U Mann- WISMart
  • Pascal Niggenkemper Vision 7- En urgence- Lucky Prime- Clean Feed
  • Pascal Niggenkemper Vision 7- Lance Die Lanze/Sortie de la colere [out of anger]- Lucky Prime- Clean Feed
  • Joe Maneri Quartet- Ascend- Tenderly- hatOLOGY
  • Baloni [Joachim Badenhorst/Frantz Loriot/Pascal Niggenkemper]- Turning Inwards, Like a Glove- Belleke- Clean Feed
  • School Days [Ken Vandermark/Jeb Bishop/Kjell Nordeson/Ingebrigt Haker Flaten/Paal Nilssen Love]- Off the Top- In Our Times- Okka Disk
  • *Rob Brown Ensemble- Rocking Horse- Crown Trunk Root Funk- Aum Fidelity

OFOB for 3/17/15 with guest host Jim Sentetos

  • Dave Hellbock’s Random Control- Tupizando- Think of Two- Traumton Records
  • Kit Downes- Outlawed- Light from the Old Stars- Basho Records
  • Sonar- Twofold Covering- Static Motion- Cuneiform
  • Walt Dickerson- Time- The Complete New Jazz Recordings- Solar Records
  • Sam Rivers- Verve- Contrasts- ECM
  • Clarence Penn & Penn Station- Think of One- Monk, The Lost Files- Origin Records
  • Calvin Keyes- Senior Moment- Electric Keyes- Wide Hive
  • James Brandon Lewis- Tradition- Divine Travels- Sony Music
  • Orrin Evans Captain Black Big Band- Explain it to Me- Mother’s Touch- PosiTone Records
  • Vijay Iyer Trio- Diptych- Break Stuff- ECM
  • Rent Romus Life’s Blood Ensemble- The Flow- Cimmerian Crossroads- Edgetone Records
  • Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble- February- Black Unstoppable- Delmark
  • Matt Bauder’s Day in Pictures- Octavia Minor- Nightshades- Clean Feed
  • Mary Halvorsen, Michael Formanek & Tomas Fujiwara- Fluid Hills in Pink- Thumbscrew-Cuneiform
  • Eric Revis Quartet- Somethin’s Cookin’- In Memory of Things Yet Seen- Clean Feed
  • Art Studio- Tip Tap- Rendezvouz- Caligola Records
  • Mark Turner Quartet- Brother Sister- Lathe of Heaven- ECM
  • Farmers By Nature [Craig Taborn, William Parker & Gerald Cleaver]- Love and Ghosts- Farmers By Nature- Aum Fidelity
  • Jozef Dumoulin & the Red Hill Orchestra- Lord Blue Throat- Trust- Yolk music
  • Aki Takase/Alexander von Schlippenbach- Something Sweet, Something Tender- So Long Eric! Homage to Eric Dolphy- Intakt

Thanks Jim!

OFOB for 3/10/15

  • Kenny Barron & Dave Holland- Rain- The Art of Conversation- Impulse
  • *Keith Jarrett, Charlie Haden & Paul Motian- Song for Che- Hamburg ’72- ECM
  • Atomic- Start/Stop- Lucidity- Jazzland
  • *Lovedale- Coziness Kills- Coziness Kills- Ilk music
  • Rob Brown Trio- Unknown Skies- Rogue Art
  • Gerry Hemingway Quintet- More Struttin’ with Mutton- Demon Chaser- hat ART
  • *Josef Dumoulin Red Hill Orchestra- Up and Down- Trust- Yolk music
  • Chris Lightcap’s Bigmouth- White Horse- Epicenter- Clean Feed
  • Simon Toldam Orkester- Blok- STORK- Ilk music
  • *Steve Lacy Double Quartet- Torments- Clangs- hat ART
  • The Bureau of Atomic Tourism- Morthana, parts 1 & 2- Second Law of Thermodynamics- RAT (rare and treacherous)
  • AALY Trio with Ken Vandermark- Wurzburg- I Wonder if I was Screaming- Crazy Wisdom
  • *Gebhard Ullmann’s Ta Lam 11- Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting/Boogie Stop Shuffle- Mingus!- jazzwerkstatt

OFOB for 3/3/15


Below you will find the playlist for last night’s radio show. I’m listening to it right now, and am enjoying the flow of creative music, both new and more classic. I hope you get a chance to listen before next week’s show is uploaded and takes the place of this one… you’ll find plenty of worthy music and musicians and some quality food for your brain.

You may also notice that KUSP has started its pledge drive. Note that I feel fortunate that for over 30 years I have been able to help you get hip to some of the hippest music from the compendium of jazz, with no strings attached!!!! This is a beautiful thing, and relatively rare for a public station to provide more than the news and talking heads. A tip of the proverbial porkpie is definitely due for KUSP.

Keep those ears growing!!

Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
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OFOB for 3/3/15: all tunes composed by leader unless otherwise indicated *indicates follows mic break

  • Myra Melford- Times of Sleep and Fate- Snowy Egret- Enja/Yellowbird [rec. 12/13 w/Myra Melford- piano, Ron Miles- cornet, Liberty Ellman- guitar, Stomu Takeishi- bass guitar, Tyshawn Sorey- drums]
  • *Marty Cook- What’s Necessary- Theory of Strange- Enja [rec. 3/97 w/Marty Cook- trombone, Rudi Mahall- bass clarinet, Aki Takase- piano, Ed Schuller- bass, John Betsch- drums]
  • Dewey Redman- Portrait in Black & White- In London- Palmetto [rec. 10/96 w/Dewey Redman- tenor sax + poetry, Rita Marcotulli- piano, Cameron Brown- bass, Matt Wilson- drums]
  • The Allan Chase Quartet- Close Your Eyes- Dark Clouds with Silver Linings- Accurate [a standard, rec. 12/94 w/Allan Chase- soprano sax, Ron Horton- trumpet, Tony Scherr- bass, Matt Wilson- drums]
  • *Roy Campbell Pyramid Trio- Brother Yusef- Ancestral Homeland- No More Records [rec. 2/98 w/Roy Campbell- trumpet, William Parker- bass, Zen Matsuura- drums]
  • Craig Harris- Down (as in under)- Aboriginal Affairs- India Navigation [@’83 w/Craig Harris- trombone, Ken McIntyre- reeds + flute, Donald Smith- piano, Alonzo Gardner- guitar, Anthony Cox- bass, Andre Strobert- drums]
  • Steve Swell’s Fire Into Music- For Grachan- Swimming in a Galaxy of Goodwill and Sorrow- Rogue Art [rec. 6/06 w/Steve Swell- trombone, Jemeel Moondoc- alto sax, William Parker- bass, Hamid Drake- drums]
  • *Jackie McLean- Love and Hate- Destination Out- Blue Note [rec. 9/63 w/Jackie McLean- alto sax, Grachan Moncur III- trombone + composer, Bobby Hutcherson- vibes, Larry Ridley- bass, Roy Haynes- drums]
  • Glenn Spearman- Fields Before the Ram- Free Worlds- Black Saint [rec. 5/94 w/Glenn Spearman- tenor sax, Marco Eneidi- alto sax, Raphe Malik- trumpet, J.R. Routhier- electric guitar, Lisle Ellis- bass, Donald Robinson- drums]
  • Lou Grassi- Underground Elevation- Avanti Galoppi- CIMP [rec. 6/97 w/Lou Grassi- drums, Rob Brown- alto sax + composer, Herb Robertson- trumpet, Ken Filiano- bass]
  • *Raphe Malik 5tet- Talk (dedicated to Miles Davis)- 21st Century Texts- FMP [rec. live 6/91 w/Raphe Malik- trumpet, Brian King Nelson- c-melody sax (left channel), Glenn Spearman- tenor sax (right channel), Larry Roland- bass, Dennis Warren- drums)
  • Raphe Malik- Invocation: Spiel City- The Short Form- eremite [rec. live 7/96 w/Raphe Malik- trumpet, Glenn Spearman- tenor sax, George Langford- bass, Dennis Warren- drums]
  • Dennis Charles IVtet- Jamaj’s- Captain of the Deep- eremite [rec. live 5/91 w/Dennis Charles- drums, Nathan Breedlove- trumpet, Jemeel Moondoc- alto sax, Wilbert DeJoode- bass + composer]
  • Rob Brown Quartet- Flat Out- Jumping Off the Page- No More Records [rec. summer ’99 w/Rob Brown- alto sax, Roy Campbell- trumpet, Chris Lightcap- bass, Jackson Krall- drums]
  • *Jemeel Moondoc- Little Blue Elvira- The Zookeeper’s House- Relative Pitch [rec. 10/13 w/Jemeel Moondoc- alto sax, Roy Campbell- trumpet, Steve Swell- trombone, Hilliard Greene- bass, Newman Taylor Baker- drums]

OFOB for 2/24/15

  • Tony Scott- Come Sunday- A Jazz Life- Kind of Blue records
  • *Carla Bley- Jesus Maria- Carla’s Christmas Carols- Watt/ECM
  • Carla Bley- Death of Superman/Dream Sequence #1 (Flying)- The Lost Chords find Paolo Fresu- Watt/ECM
  • Myra Melford- The Virgin of Guadalupe- Snowy Egret- Enja/Yellowbird
  • *Gebhard Ullman Basement Research- Blue Trees and Related Objects- Hat and Shoes- between the lines
  • Rova Saxophone Quartet- Ferdia’s Death Chant- Terry Riley: Chanting the Light of Foresight- New Albion
  • Mal Waldron, Jeanne Lee and Toru Tenda- The Seagulls of Kristiansund- Travellin’ in Soul Time- BvHaast
  • *Nicole Mitchell’s Sonic Projections- Peace- Emerald Hills- Rogue Art
  • Ab Baars Trio- Karmozijn- Slate Blue- Wig
  • Scott Amendola Band- Masters of War- Cry- Cryptogramophone
  • Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research- Flutist with Hat and Shoe- Hat and Shoes- between the lines
  • *Rob Brown Quartet- King Cobra- Radiant Pools- Rogue Art
  • Joe Morris Bass Quartet- Land Mass- High Definition- hatology
  • Fay Victor- Heading West (Way Out West)- Lazy Old Sun- Green Avenue Music
  • Jemeel Moondoc Vtet- Moon Mode- Revolt of the Negro Lawnjockeys- Eremite
  • Ab Baars Trio and NY Guests- Small Prayer- Invisible Blow- Wig
  • Garrison Fewell and Boris Savoldelli- You Don’t Know What Love Is- Electric Bat Conspiracy- Creative Nation Music
  • Lisa Ekdahl- But Not for Me- When Did You Leave Heaven- RCA

OFOB playlist for 2/17/15


Here’s the playlist from this week’s show.  Included are start times if you get a chance to listen via the KUSP music show player before next week’s show is loaded.  As I mentioned in the first break, you should hear musical coloration as part of the motif of the show.

An asterisk* indicates that the piece follows a mic break.  Enjoy + keep those ears growing!



Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
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  • Miles Davis- Moon Dreams- The Complete Birth of the Cool- Capitol
  • 5:07 *Sun Ra & his Orchestra- Enlightenment- Greatest Hits: Easy Listening for Intergalactic Travel- Evidence
  • 10:09 The Gil Evans Orchestra- Sunken Treasure- Out of the Cool- Impulse
  • 14:26 Mingus Big Band- Children’s Hour of Dream- Live in Time- Dreyfus Jazz
  • 30:24 *Jozef Dumoulin & the Red Hill Orchestra- M- Trust- Yolk
  • 37:37 Free Range Rat- Nonbeliever Suite, part 2- Nut Club- Clean Feed
  • 44:17 Nicole Mitchell’s Sonic Projections- Scaling the Underground- The Secret Escapades of Velvet Anderson- Rogue Art
  • 52:34 Bill Dixon- Son of Sisyphus- Son of Sisyphus- Soul Note
  • 59:54 Julius Hemphill- Reflections- Reflections (‘Coon Business)- Freedom
  • 70:12 *Julius Hemphill- G Song- Raw Materials and Residuals- Black Saint
  • 78:40 Joe Morris Bass Quartet- Super Spot- High Definition- hatology
  • 82:26 Jemeel Moondoc- The Zookeeper’s House- The Zookeeper’s House- Relative Pitch
  • 97:53 *Marion Brown- Eleven Light City (parts 1-4)- Sweet Earth Flying- Impulse
  • 116:39 *Bill Dixon- Motorcycle ’66 – Reflections & Ruminations- Tapestries for Small Orchestra- Firehouse 12
  • 130:08 Marion Brown- The Visitor- Juba Lee- Fontana
  • 139:25 Ochs – Robinson Duo [Lawrence Ochs/Donald Robinson]- Failure- The Throne- Not Two records
  • 145:20 Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research- Don’t Touch My Music (partial)- Hat and Shoes- between the lines (incl. closeout announcements)

And in the video department:

OFOB playlist for 2/10/15

  • Fred Anderson/DKV Trio- Black Woman- Fred Anderson/DKV Trio- Okka Disk
  • 7:45 Glenn Spearman Double Trio- Fields Before the Ram- The Fields- Black Saint
  • 20:21 Archie Shepp & the New York Contemporary 5- Like a Blessed Lamb- Bill Dixon & Archie Shepp- Savoy
  • 34:54 *The Clifford Thornton New Art Ensemble- Uhuru- Freedom and Unity- Atavistic/Third World
  • 43:19 Dewey Redman- Imani- Ear of the Behearer- Impulse
  • 50:26 The Ullman/Swell 4- New York- News? No News!- jazzwerkstatt
  • 57:28 Cheikh Tidiane Fall- Dream Drums- Jom Futa- Night and Day/Freelance
  • 72:43 *Pharoah Sanders- Prince of Peace- Izipho Zam (My Gifts)- StrataEast
  • 81:31 Marion Brown- Buttermilk Bottom- Geechee Recollections- Impulse
  • 86:12 Alan Shorter- Outeroids- Orgasm- Verve
  • 90:29 The Clifford Thornton New Art Ensemble- O.C.T.- Freedom and Unity-Atavistic/Third World
  • 94:53 *Glenn Spearman’s G-Force- Geronimo’s Song- Let it Go- Black Saint
  • 109:06 Doug Carn- Peace- Infant Eyes- Black Jazz
  • 115:57 *Azar Lawrence- Bridge Into the New Age- Bridge Into the New Age- Prestige
  • 122:37 Henry Threadgill- Carry the Day- Carry the Day- Columbia
  • 128:51 Sunny Murray- An Even Break (never give a sucker)- An Even Break (never give a sucker)- Affinity/BYG
  • 136:14 Ornette Coleman- All My Life- The Complete Science Fiction Sessions- Columbia
  • 145:25 *Henry Threadgill- Growing a Big Banana/Vivjanrondirkski (partial)- Carry the Day- Columbia

OFOB for 2/3/15


Here’s the playlist for this week’s show. Portions designed to promote last night’s show by Henry Threadgill’s Double Up in San Francisco, plus Ben Goldberg’s Orphic Machine and Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait and Switch which are also part of this weekend’s New Frequencies Festival at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Not played but also of import would be Satoko Fujii & Natsuki Tamura who are playing tonight. More info at ybca.org.

Rez Abazzi, earlier on in this show, is playing at Kuumbwa on Thursday, February 12.

Keep those ears growing!!
Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
Listen to the most recent show via the box at the upper right
OFOB for 2/3/15:       [*denotes follows mic break]

  • Rudresh Mahanthappa- RezAlap- Kinsmen- Pi Recordings (Rudresh had Rez perform on solo acoustic guitar for this short opener to tonight’s program)
  • 3:16 *Vijay Iyer Trio- Mystery Woman- Break Stuff- ECM (his brand new release)
  • 9:29 Ben Goldberg- How to Do Things With Tears- Orphic Machine- BAG Production Records (recorded in 2013 and just out, clarinetist Ben focused on composition for this date mostly featuring text by Allen Goldberg put to music, though this is an instrumental. Also included are Carla Kihlstedt- violin, Ron Miles- trumpet, Rob Sudduth- sax, Nels Cline- guitar, Kenny Wolleson- vibes + perc, Greg Cohen- bass and Ches Smith- drums. This band closed YCBA’s New Frequencies Fest this Saturday)
  • 11:05 Tony Scott/Franco D’Andrea Quartet- Some Other Spring- Homage to Lady Day- Philology (Tony played clarinet with Billy Holiday. This is a very late date for his career -1995- and features a fine quartet of Italian players including the great Franco D’Andrea on piano)
  • 18:55 Tom Rainey- You Don’t Know What Love Is- Obbligato- Intakt (from 2013, Tom is a much in demand drummer in NYC who brought Ralph Alessi- trumpet, Ingrid Laurbrock- sax, Kris Davis- piano and Drew Gress- bass to this date of new twists on classic tunes.)
  • 33:18 *Ben Goldberg- What Was That- Orphic Machine- BAG Production Records (as above)
  • 39:15 Ben Goldberg- Line of Less than Ten- Orphic Machine- BAG Production Records (Carla sings on this one)
  • 45:21 Anthony Davis- Under the Double Moon- Lady of the Mirrors- India Navigation (Anthony immersed himself in Javanese gamelan music and this composition came out of that experience. A long but rewarding solo piano piece,)
  • 57:37 Rez Abassi- Bazaar- Bazaar- Zoho music (This 2005 date is a world fusion date using Indian sources, and the band includes Rudresh Mahanthappa on alto sax.
  • 65:09 Amir ElSaffar- Venus the Morning Star- Inana- Pi Recordings (trumpeter Amir plays off his Iraqi roots – a fascinating blend of jazz and world sources)
  • 69:97 New Air- Apricots on Their Wings- Air Show, No. 1- Black Saint (1986, a late version of this trio featuring Henry Threadgill- alto sax, Fred Hopkins- bass, Pheeroan Ak Laff- drums and with Cassandra Wilson on vocal)
  • 80:19 *Miya Masaoka Trio- Japanese Folk Song (Kojo No Tsuki)- Monk’s Japanese Folk Song- Dizim records (1997 with Miya on koto, Reggie Workman- bass and Andrew Cyrille- drums)
  • 86:27 Air- Paille Street- The Complete Novus & Columbia Recordings of Henry Threadgill and Air- Mosaic (1979, originally on Air Lore on RCA Novus, featuring a trio with Henry Threadgill on flute, Fred Hopkings- bass, and the original air drummer- Steve McCall.)
  • 88:42 Henry Threadgill Sextett- Paille Street- The Complete Novus & Columbia Recordings of Henry Threadgill and Air- Mosaic (from the session which resulted in the 1986 Novus recording “You Know the Number,” previously unreleased.  A larger group recording the same piece as performed by Air.)
  • 97:19 *Henry Threadgill- My Rock- Easily Slip Into Another World- RCA Novus (From 1987, they dropped the identification in the title, but still a H.T. Sextett date, w/Asha Puthli added on vocal)
  • 105:46 (Ken Vandermark’s) Audio One- Keep Right On Playing Through the Mirror Over the Water- The Midwest School- AudioGraphics recordings (a live recording from Jan/Feb 2014 featuring a tentet put together by Ken to represent important Mid-West, mostly AACM composers, this is a cover of a piece Henry Threadgill wrote for Air and first recorded in ’77 -37 years earlier!- on the Nessa album “Air Time”)
  • 120:03 (Ken Vandermark’s) Audio One- Encyclopedia of a Horse (for Henry Threadgill)- An International Report- Audiographics recordings
  • 133:31 Ornette Coleman- What Reason Could I Give- The Complete Science Fictions Sessions- Columbia (1971 w/Ornette- alto sax, Dewey Redman- tenor sax, 2 trumpets, Charlie Haden- bass, Ed Blackwell + Billy Higgins on drums, and Asha Puthli- vocal on this tune only… a kicking period for Ornette!)
  • 139:11 *Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters- Cultural Operations- Taking the Blues Back Home- Harmolodic/Verve (From 1996, the remarkable poet Jayne Cortez was mother to Denardo Coleman who plays drums here along w/Frank Lowe- tenor, Ornette alum Bernie Nix…)
  • 143:16 Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait and Switch- Richard’s House of Blues- What is Known- Clean Feed (a 2010 release and an apt closer, this feeds well off the Ornette Prime Time Band feel of the Cortez piece)

And in the video department:

Ken Vandermark’s Audio One covers the Art Ensemble’s Theme de Yo Yo:

Ken Vandermark’s Audio One performs Braxton’s 6C:

Ken Vandermark’s Audio One performs Braxton’s 69J:

Ben Goldberg Orphic Machine at Freight and Salvage:

and Henry Threadgill’s Zooid on Roulette TV:

OFOB for 1/27/15


Here’s the playlist for this week’s show.  Some very big works including some real favorites [e.g. Carla Bley’s “3/4”, an album side from Don Cherry’s “Relativity Suite”,  Tom Varner's "The Well", and let's not overlook Henry Threadgill!] with a strong thread focusing on composition and coloration.

Enjoy + keep those ears growing!!



Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
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OFOB for 1/27/15:       [*denotes piece follows mic break]

  • Eric Revis Quartet- 3 Voices- In Memory of Things Yet Seen- Clean Feed
  • 5:16        *ESATrio [Bill Gigliardi/Ken Filiano/Lou Grassi]- She Loves Blue- Mr. Fubar, I Presume- Creative Improvised Music Projects
  • 10:38     Dave Schnitter- Flirtation with Faust- Sketch- Sunnyside
  • 16:25     Mark Simmonds Freeboppers- Virtue- Fire- Birdland records
  • 28:50     *Giovanni Falzone/Tino Tracanna/…- Maschere- Stylus Q- ABeat records
  • 36:27     George Schuller- Ripe- JigSaw- 482 Music
  • 45:48     Henry Threadgill- Official Silence- Makin’ A Move- Columbia
  • 54:44     Tom Varner- Prayer- The Mystery of Compassion- Soul Note
  • 63:26     Tom Varner- The Well- The Mystery of Compassion- Soul Note
  • 77:16     Henry Threadgill & Make a Move- 100 Year Old Game- Columbia
  • 89:27     *Tom Varner- Overview- Heaven and Hell- OmniTone
  • 97:37     Carla Bley- ¾ for Piano and Orchestra- 12 and ¾- Watt
  • 121:09   Don Cherry- Tantra/Mali Doussn’Gouni/Desireless- Relativity Suite- JCOA records
  • 139:14   *Garrison Fewell Variable Density Sound Orchestra- Long Distance Unity- Sound Particle 47- Creative Nation Music

OFOB for 1/20/15

  • Kris Davis Trio- Waiting for You to Grow- Waiting for You to Grow- Clean Feed
  • 9:12 *Kris Davis Trio- Twice Escaped- Waiting for You to Grow- Clean Feed
  • 13:41 Afro Garage (Christoph Baumann, Jacques Siron, Dieter Ulrich)- Daily Craze: le trafic- Eighteen Ways to Miss Egypt- Leo Records
  • 16:14 Henry Threadgill- Grief- Song Out of My Trees- Black Saint
  • 26:23 Kris Davis- Too Tinkerbell- Capricorn Climber- Clean Feed
  • 39:23 *ESATrio (Bill Gagliardi, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi)- Written in Water- kenbillou- Creative Improvised Music Projects
  • 49:20 Russ Johnson- Something Sweet, Something Tender- Still Out to Lunch- Enja/Yellow Bird
  • 56:56 Whit Dickey Quartet w/Rob Brown, Roy Campbell, Joe Morris- Steam- Coalescence- Clean Feed
  • 65:10 Syntopia Quartet- Goodbye Earth- Mars- Nemu records
    77:25 *Henry Threadgill Zooid- Ambient Pressure Thereby- Tomorrow Sunny/The Revelry, Spp- Pi Recordings
  • 89:01 (upcut after false start) Henry Threadgill Sextett- Theme from Thomas Cole- You Know the Number- Novus
  • 99:30 *Wadada Leo Smith (w/Henry Threadgill, John Lindberg & Jack DeJohnette)- Lake Michigan- The Great Lakes Suite- TUM Records Oy
  • 121:25 Henry Threadgill’s Very Very Circus- First Church of This- Spirit of Nuff… Nuff- Black Saint
  • 129:27 Steve Lehman- Autumn Interlude- Mise en Abime- Pi Recordings
  • 133:47 Hugues Vincent / Vladimir Kudryavtsev / Maria Logofet- Toys for Boys/Ivy- Free Trees- Leo Records
  • 142:16 *Tarbaby [Orrin Evans/Eric Revis/Nasheet Waits] w/special guests Oliver Lake & Marc Ducret- Fanon- Fanon- RogueArt

Henry Threadgill makes a rare West Coast appearance with his Double Up band in a tribute to Lawrence “Butch” Morris at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on February 5.  Information at ybca.org