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OFOB for 9/16/14


Here’s the playlist for this week’s show. I admit to failing to give the appropriate on air kudos to Jeff Dayton-Johnson & Jim Sentetos for filling in for me while I was out of town. It’s again good to be back + share some exciting music with you. This show includes a mix of things that have been hitting me lately with some artists who are playing at this year’s Monterey Jazz Festival…. HEY, it’s this weekend! Visit Montereyjazzfestival.org for more information about the festival + ticket info, and visit kusp.org for more info about or broadcasts. Be sure to tune in if you’re in our broadcast area, and for those who can’t listen in for our live festival coverage, there are some special concerts also available live over the web at kusp.org… don’t complain about it to me if you missed out on some great music!!! As always, we try to give you the best of the best and the most of the most.

Questions, comments about OFOB always appreciated.

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Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
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OFOB for 9/16/14 [* indicates that piece follows mic break]:

  • Aaron Diehl- Prologue- Thee Bespoke Man’s Narrative- Mack Avenue
  • *Cécile McLorin Salvant- Prelude/There’s a Lull in My Life- Woman Child- Mack Avenue
  • Harold Mabern- The People Tree- Mr. Lucky- HighNote
  • *J.D. Allen- Pater Noster- Bloom- Savant
  • Charles Lloyd Quartet- Desolation Sound- Mirror- ECM
  • *Charles Lloyd Quartet- Caroline, No- Mirror- ECM
  • Charles Lloyd & Jason Moran- You’ve Changed- Hagar’s Song- ECM
  • Ivo Perelman & Karl Berger- Reverie- Reverie- Leo Records
  • Lovedale- Landscape- Green Sounds- Ilk music
  • Aardvark Jazz Orchestra- Urban Renewal/Loss & Lament- Impressions- Leo Records
  • Wadada Leo Smith- Emmett Till: Defiant, Fearless- Ten Freedom Summers- Cuneiform
  • *Marc Ducret- Interlude: L’Ombra de Verdi- Tower, Vol. 1- Ayler Records
  • *Marc Ducret- Sur l’Elecricite- Tower Bridge- Ayler Records
  • (Ken Vandermark’s) Audio One- 6C (by Anthony Braxton)- The Midwest School- AudioGraphics
  • Audio One- The Floor (for Julius Hemphill)- An International Report- AudioGraphics
  • The Daniel Rosenboom Septet- Tadodaho- Unsayable Absence: Live at the Blue Whale- danielrosenboom.com
  • *Daniel Rosenboom- Prologue: The 12 Signs- Book of Omens- Nine Winds

OFOB for 9/9/14

A tip of the porkpie to guest host Jim Sentetos!

  • William Parker’s Raining on the Moon- Doctor Yesterday- Corn Meal Dance- Aum Fidelty
  • Matthew Shipp- Syntax- Matthew Shipp’s New Orbit- Thirsty Ear
  • UMO Jazz Orchestra- High Speed Chase- Electrifying Miles- Challenge
  • Andrew Cyrille/Mark Dresser/Marty Ehrlich- A Simple Melody- C/D/E- Jazz Magnet
  • The Stone Quartet [Roy Campbell/Marilyn Crispell/Mat Maneiri/Joelle Leandre]- Part 1- DMG at the Stone, Vol. 1- DMG/ARC
  • Eddie Gale- Free You, Fee Me- Afro Fire- Intuition
  • Trio 3 [Oliver Lake/ReggieWorkman/Andrew Cyrille]- Shave- Wiring- Intakt
  • Andrew Hill- Faded Beauty- A Beautiful Day- Palmetto
  • Phil Ranelin- Metamorphosis- Living a New Day- PHILLRAN Music
  • Odean Pope- You Remind Me- What Went Before, Vol. 1- Porter Records
  • Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble- Ice- Renegades- Delmark
  • Dave Douglas- Loopy- Songs for Wandering Souls- Winter & Winter
  • Thirteen Ways [Fred Hersch/Michael Moore/Gerry Hemingway]- Habanera- Focus- Palmetto
  • The Whammies- To Kiss (to Maurice Ravel)- Play the Music of Steve Lacy, Vol. 3, live- Driff Records
  • Gary Peacock, Paul Bley and Paul Motian- Not Zero: In One Part- Not Two, Not One- ECM
  • Enrico Ravia, Paul Motian & Stefano Bollani- Fantasm- Tati- ECM
  • Matthew Shipp Duo with William Parker- Cell Sequence- duo- Thirsty Ear
  • Matthew Shipp Duo with William Parker- Amazing Grace- duo- Thirsty Ear

OFOB for 8/27/14

A tip of the porkpie to guest host Jeff Dayton-Johnson:

  • Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell- Mutron / Bemsha Swing / Solidarity / Arabian
  • Nightingale- El Corazon- ECM
  • Clifford Jordn- Glass Bead Games- Half Note- SteepleChase
  • Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait & Switch- Old- Comeuppance- Not Two
  • Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York- Shiki- Shiki- Libra
  • Cecil Taylor- Indent: First Layer (excerpt)- Indent- Arista Freedom
  • The Pyramids- Aomawa- Birth/Speed/Merging- Disco B
  • Alice Coltrane- TheAnkhof AmenRa- Universal Consciousness- Impulse/UMG
  • Wadada Leo Smith- Lake St. Clair- The Great Lakes Suite- Tum Records OY
  • Wadada Leo Smith/JamieSaft/Joe Morris/Balazs Pandi- Arfvedsonite- Red Hill- Rare Noise
  • Marilyn Crispell- You Don’t Know What Love Is- Labyrinths- Victo
  • Bobby Hutcherson- Ghetto Lights- Dialogue- Blue Note
  • Steve Lacy- Ask Me Now- Reflections: Steve Lacy Plays Thelonious Monk- Prestige/New Jazz
  • Steve Lacy- Little Rootie Tootie- Only Monk- Soul Note
  • Thelonious Monk- The Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall- Riverside/Fantasy

OFOB for 8/26/14


A quick and dirty on the playlist for this week.  Some BIG pieces, especially the new Wadada Leo Smith [Great Lakes Suite w/Henry Threadgill, John Lindberg & Jack DeJohnette] + Leo Smith w/TUM Orchestra.  Overall I found this to be an engaging show, throughout.  Dig in!

Keep those ears growing!


P.S. A tip of the porkpie to Jeff Dayton-Johnson and Jim Sentetos for filling in for me for the next couple weeks.

Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
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OFOB for 8/26/14

  • Anthony Davis and Jay Hoggard- A Walk Through the Shadow- Under the Double Moon –Pausa
  • Jason Robinson & Anthony Davis- Shimmer- Cerulean Landscape- Clean Feed
  • Wadada Leo Smith [w/Anthony Davis, Malachi Favors, Jack DeJohnette]- Harumi- Golden Quartet- Tzadik
  • Cool- Phillip Wilson w/Lester Bowie- The Phillip Wilson Project -Jazz Door
  • Avram Fefer, Eric Revis & Chad Taylor- Trued Right- Eliyahu- Not Two records
  • Michael Musillami Trio + Kris Davis & Jimmy Greene- Bald Yet Hip- Pride -Playscape
  • Jan Garbarek & Bobo Stenson Quartet- A.I.R.- Witchi-Tai-To – ECM
  • Wadada Leo Smith- Lake Superior- The Great Lakes Suite -TUM Records Oy
  • What We Live [Larry Ochs, Dave Douglas, Lisle Ellis, Donald Robinson, Wadada Leo Smith] – Here Today-
  • What We Live: Quintet For A Day – New World
  • AALY Trio + Ken Vandermark- Why I Don’t Go Back- Stumble -Wobbly Rail
  • Lester Bowie [w/Arthur Blythe, Amina Claudine Myers, Malachi Favors, Phillip Wilson]- Amina- African Children -Horo
  • Wadada Leo Smith & TUMO- Crossing the Southern Road (a memorial for Marion Brown)- Occupy the World -TUM Records Oy

…and in the video department:


OFOB for 8/19/14:

  • Matthew Shipp- Summertime- I’ve Been to Many Places (solo)- Thirsty Ear
    • break
  • Sun Ra- St. Louis Blues- St. Louis Blues- Improvising Artists
  • Andrew Hill- Hattie- Nefertiti- East Wind/Inner City
  • Triptych Myth [Cooper-Moore/Tom Abs/Chad Taylor]- Poppa’s Gin in the Chicken Feed- Aum Fidelity
    • break
  • Vijay Iyer Trio- Trident: 2010- Historicity- ACT
  • Paul Giallorenzo Trio- The  Sun’s Always Shining- Paul Giallorenzo Trio- Not Two
    • break
  • Kris Davis- Good Citizen- Aeriol Piano- Clean Feed
  • Tim Daisy Trio- Spreepark Serenade- A Fine Day in Berlin- Relay Recordings
  • William Parker’s In Order to Survive- Three Clay Pots- The Peach Orchard- Aum Fidelity
    • break
  • Guillermo Gregorio, Steve Swell & Pandelis Karayorgis- In the Cracks of Four- Window and Doorway- Driff Records
  • The Whammies- Sublimation (to Sun Ra)- …Play the Music of Steve Lacy, Vol. 3 (live)- Driff Records
  • Masahiko Togashi with Steve Lacy, Don Cherry & Dave Holland- Wickets- Bura Bura: The Complete Edition- Pan Music
    • break
  • Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble- Cause and Effect- Black Unstoppable- Delmark
  • The Bureau of Atomic Tourism- Blues de l’ombre- Spinning Jenny- RAT records
  • Fire! Orchestra- Enter, Part One- Enter- rune gramophone
  • Primitive Orchestra- Desolate Row- Dolphy’s Hat, Directions in Music by David Haney- Slam Recordings
  • Marc Ducret- Interlude: L’Ombra de Verdi- Tower, vol. 1- Ayler recordings
    • break
  • Cecil Taylor- In Florescence- In Florescence- A&M

OFOB for 8/5/14


Here’s the playlist for this week’s show. Having worked on last week’s opening night concert broadcast of the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, I thought it might be fun to play with some pieces with a bit of a third stream feel. The array of selections I took included that consideration, as well as some other works I have recently acquired for the show, or otherwise have been meaning to drop into the mix. It felt like we successfully put together a show which should stimulate your earbuds or otherwise provide new connectivity for your synapses.

Start times included if you get the opportunity to listen via KUSP’s music show player before next week’s show is loaded next Wednesday.
Keep those ears growing!

P.S. If you want to take a cruise to Half Moon Bay, Steve Swallow, Ohad Talmor and Adam Nussbaum [bass, sax, drums] are playing at Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society on Sunday afternoon. For more info, visit bachddsoc.org
P.P.S. There’s a lot of creative sounds in this week’s show, and if you really want your lobes tugged, make sure you make it to the end. I will try to also find the time to put some notes together for you so you have more info on the personnel with the bands, but in the meantime, dig on in.
Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
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OFOB for 8/5/14:

  • Fred Hersch Trio- A Speech to the Sea- Floating- Palmetto
    • break
  • 9:31 Dameronia- Fontainebleau- Live at the Theatre Boulogne Billancourt, Paris- Soul Note
  • 14:26 Mingus Big Band- Black Saint & Sinner Lady- Tonight at Noon… Three or Four Shades of Blue- Dreyfus Jazz
    • break
  • 34:04 Mingus Big Band- Eclipse- Tonight at Noon… Three or Four Shades of Blue- Dreyfus Jazz
  • 40:07 Steve Swallow/Ohad Talmor Sextet- Ladies in Mercedes- L’histoire du Clochard (The Bum’s Tale)- Palmetto
  • 46:43 J.D. Allen- Jack’s Glass- Bloom- Savant
  • 50:02 Manhattan New Music Project- I Didn’t Know What Time It Was- Mood Swing- Soul Note
    • break
  • 63:06 Lovedale- Abdullah I- Coziness Kills- Ilk Music
  • 71:25 Tina Marsh & CO2- Cloud on Cloud, mvt. 1: The Heaven Line- The Heaven Line- CreOp Muse
  • 79:29 Gerald Cleaver & Uncle June- 22 Minutes (The Wedding Song)/To Love- Be It As I See It- Fresh Sounds/New Talent
    • break
  • 92:37 Tom Chang- Djangolongo- Tongue and Groove- Raw Toast Records
  • 99:24 Julius Hemphill- Bordertown- Big Band- Elektra Musician
  • 108:56 Ornette Coleman- Law Years- The Complete Science Fiction Sessions- Columbia
    • break
  • 118:30 (Gerald Cleaver’s) Black Host- Hover- Life in the Sugar Candle Mines- Northern Spy Records
  • (Overlap segue) 134:25 Fire! Orchestra- Enter, pt. three- Enter- rune grammofon

OFOB for 7/29/14


Here’s the playlist for this week’s show… a little behind schedule since I was involved getting the opening concert of this year’s Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music on the air. Note KUSP will be broadcasting the balance of the season beginning August 12, available both on air or via KUSP’s live web stream. You can check out kusp.org’s front page for the schedule if your ears also appreciate modern classical forms, and cabrillomusic.org if you want to catch a show live. Note I heard a little bit of the string trio Time for Three working out in the hall, and it sounded pretty dang hot!

This week we continued with some Charlie Haden, more vibes dates including a particularly tasty Steve Nelson number, and generally had a good time as the evening progressed. I hope you get a chance to dig in.

Keep those ears growing!

Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
Additonal playlists available to the right
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OFOB for 7/29/14:

  • Jeff Colella & Putter Smith- You Must Believe in Spring- Lotus Blossom- The American Jazz Institute
    • break
  • Charlie Haden & Chris Anderson- Good Morning Heartache- Naim Records
  • Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden- My Ship- Last Dance- ECM
    • break
  • Charlie Haden/Hampton Hawes- This is Called Love- As Long as There’s Music- Artists House
  • Steve Nelson Quintet- Sweet and Lovely- Live Session Two- Red Records
    • break
  • Bob Dorough- Eulalia Reprise- Eulalia- Merry Lane Records
  • Stefano Leonardi/Stefano Pastor/Fredolin Blumer/Heinz Geisser- Anima- Conversations About Thomas Chapin- Leo Records
  • Sun Ra & Walt Dickerson- Astro- Visions- SteepleChase Records
  • Bobby Naughton Trio- Side Saddle- Pawtucket- OTIC
    • break
  • Jason Adasiewicz- Little Screw- Rolldown- 482 Music
  • Jemeel Moondoc Vtet- Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys- Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys- Eremite
  • Jemeel Moondoc- Little Blue Elvira- The Zookeeper’s House- Relative Pitch
  • Firehouse- What I Say- Live at Glenn Miller Café- Ayler Records
    • break
  • Stephen Gauci/Kirk Knuffke/Ken Filiano- Boogaloo- Chasing Tales- Relative Pitch

OFOB radio playlist for 7/22/14


Here’s the playlist for this week’s radio show. A couple pieces in the first set were carryovers from last week’s tribute to Charlie Haden, then we branched out into different territory. I have a busy week, but if I find time, I’ll add in start times and notes.

Keep those ears growing!

P.S. That minute plus of quiet 13 minutes into the 25 minute Territory band piece is how the piece goes!
Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
Additonal playlists available to the right
Listen to the most recent show via the music show player to the upper right
OFOB for 7/22/14:
• Franco D’Andrea/Giovanni Tommaso/Roberto Gatto- Blue in Green- Airegin- Red Records
o break
• Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden- Goodbye- Jasmine- ECM
• Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron- Twilight Song- Night and the City- Verve
• Jim Baker- More Questions Than Answers- More Questions Than Answers- Delmark
o break
• Ran Blake Trio- Black Coffee- Sonic Temples- GM Recordings
• Walt Dickerson- How Deep is the Ocean- To My Queen- Prestige
o break
• Bobby Hutcherson- Oblique- Oblique- Blue Note
• Andrew Hill- Ode to Von- Smokestack- Blue Note
• Bobby Naughton Trio- Lasso- Pawtucket- OTIC
• Jim Baker- Grey Comedy- More Questions Than Answers- Delmark
• New Dalta Ahkri [Leo Smith/Anthony Davis/Oliver Lake…]- Of Blues and Dreams- Kabell Years: 1971-1979- Tzadik
o break
• Simon Nabatov- Sunrise Twice- Roundup- Leo Records
• Chad Taylor’s Active Ingredients- Titration- Titration- Delmark
• Jason Roebke Octet- High/Red/Center- High Red/Center- Delmark
• The Ullmann Swell 4- Berlin- News? No News!- jazzwerkstatt
o break
• Ken Vandermark’s Territory Band 5- Cards (for Jorge Luis Borges)- New Horse for the White House- Okka disk

Charlie Haden interview by KUSP from 1984

Here is an interview from the archives of KUSP’s program guides. Despite being dated, it helps to put Charlie’s music and life in perspective, so I thought it would be good for this interview to again see the light of day.


Charlie Haden: The Music of Liberation [first printed in the KUSP Review, Volume 5, Number 5, December ‘84]
In 1958 and ’59 the music of the Ornette Coleman band turned the jazz community on its ears, not only changing the shape of jazz to come, but introducing the world to a group of sidemen who would mature to become major figures on the jazz scene in their own right. As bassist of the band, Charlie Haden recorded over 13 albums with Ornette and went on to record and perform with John Coltrane, hold down the stand-up bass position for the 1970s’ Keith Jarrett American Quartet and more recently play with Pat Metheny.
    To date [‘84], Charlie has four albums as a leader as well as having co-led dates with Norweigian Jan Garbarek and Brazilian Egberto Gismonti, and the critically acclaimed “Old and New Dreams” band with fellow Ornette alumni Don Cherry, Dewey Redman and Ed Blackwell. Haden is a composer of whole tunes and finely crafted solo and accompaniment work. His well-developed technique and musical sense place him in the ranks of master musicians in the realm of creative improvisatory music.
September 15 of this year Charlie Haden performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival with the Denny Zeitlen Trio. That same evening, he visited the KUSP remote van and spoke with KUSP jazz programmer Leon Allen. The following text is drawn from that conversation.

KUSP: We’re here talking with premiere bassist Charlie Haden. Charlie, could we get an idea of where you are now and how you got there?
Haden: Well, right at this point in my life I have many projects. I’m doing a lot of writing with something in mind that I started in 1968 called the Liberation Music Orchestra. We recorded an album in ’69 with the orchestra which included eleven of the fines musicians in jazz. It had music about the Spanish Civil War and about what was going on politically in this country at the time the album was recorded. There was “A Song for Che,” there was a piece about the Chicago Democratic convention and there was a piece about Vietnam. I tried to correlate everything to convey a message and communicate honest and meaningful and human values to as many people as I could. At that particular time human rights were in jeopardy because of Vietnam and a lot of other things that were happening in this country, too.
I just completed an album called “The Ballad of the Fallen” for ECM which reorganized the orchestra. Already the album has won the Critic’s Poll “Record of the Year (Downbeat). Carla Bley did the arrangements again (as on the first record) and it has Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, Jim Pepper, Gary Valene, Mick Goodrick, Paul Motian, Carla and myself, and a lot of great musicians on the album. We play music again from the Spanish Civil War and also this time from more current things which are happening now in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Chile. There’s a piece “The People United Will Never Be Defeated,” which is a very famous revolutionary song that comes from when Pinochet murdered Allende in 1973 with the help of the CIA. We have another song from Portugal that was played over Portuguese radio to signal the revolution there in 1974 as well as original music of mine and a piece of Carla’s.
I’ve played with so many people over the years: from Keith Jarrett to Pee Wee Russell to Ornette to John Coltrane. I love to play with a lot of different musicians from different parts of the world… and that’s the way I learn about life, just the way I learn about life from my own kids, you know, buy playing with different people.
These days I’m playing a lot with Pat Metheny and Billy Higgins. We just recorded an album on ECM called “Rejoicing.” The great thing about playing with someone like Pat is that his band has a particular young audience that really loves that sound, that fusion sound, and he has a big following. Whenever we do a tour, a lot of these kids, his fans, come to see him play not necessarily knowing what they will hear. They think they are going to see his band and then they hear Billy and I play. It’s fantastic because it’s like you’re broadening their musical horizons. They come to hear us play and these little cherub-faced preppy kids come up to you afterwards. I’m used to having jazz fans come up to me and say “Hey, baby, you soun’ cool.” These little kids come up to me with their college sweaters on, and they say “gee, Mr. Haden, you play really beautiful. Would you sign my record?” It’s a really great feeling! I really admire Pat because he loves to improvise and he’s a great improviser and a great composer, so we have lots of fun, man, me and him and Billy. We’re going to do another record and another tour – a lot of tours. Hopefully in January, we’re going to play with Ornette ‘cause we do a lot of Ornette’s songs.
KUSP: You played one tonight with Denny Zeitlen.
Haden: Ed Blackwell and I played duets at the Atlanta Jazz Festival just a couple weeks ago, and Ornette’s band played right after us. We had breakfast with him the next morning, and Ornette really wants to play with Pat and Billy and I. He also wants to make another album with Don Cherry, Blackwell and Billy and I so…
KUSP: Charlie, you’ve taken us up to the here and now of your career. Let’s hear a little bit about the beginning… about how Charlie Haden started out as a musician.
Haden: Well, I was born in Shenandoah, Iowa and started singing on the radio with my parents when I was two. My parents were entertainers on the Grand Ole Opry, in Dallas, in Wichita Falls… all over eh Midwest and South. We travelled from radio station to radio station performing, so that’s how I got started in music. I had a very special upbringing in a real special place which is middle America, real America. Most of the jazz musicians that I’m close to were raised in large cities. As a jazz musician I have this special perspective and view of the United States that I’m really lucky to have because it’s a place where people really come from the earth, and there is a lot of folk music.
In my family we learned very young how to sing all the harmony parts by ear and develop good intonation. I made really good friends in Nashville – like the Carter family. My father was friends with people like Ernest Tubb, the Delmore Brothers, Jimmy Rogers, Woody Guthrie, and I used to sit on Mother Maybelle Carter’s lap. She used to come to our house and she would sing folk songs to me when I was a baby. She would pick up the guitar and I would be closer to her than I am to you! You know, when you hear a guitar played that beautifully when you’re a child, it rubs off on you.
KUSP: Well, it rubbed off on the bass, in your case.
Haden: Yeah. Sometimes my background comes out in my playing. During a solo on one of Ornette’s early albums on a piece called “Rambling,” I played “Old Joe Clark” and “Ft. Worth Jailhouse” and a lot of folk songs in my solo. The solo that I played on that record where I played “Old Joe Clark” was later used by Ian Drury and the Blockheads when they wrote “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll.” They used the melody line from my solo. Whenever they play it in Europe they dedicate it to me. On the album “80/81” with Pat Metheny and Michael Brecker and Jack DeJohnette I play a lot of folk songs on the bass that are from my background. I love to do that… folk and jazz… I mean it’s the same beautiful art form, you know! It comes from the same blood, the same earth, the same realness… from the soul.
KUSP: Beautiful… so you’ve been on stage ever since you can remember. When did you identify the instrument you wanted to play?
Haden: One of my brothers who played bass on our radio show ws bringing home recordings like “Jazz at the Philharmonic,” Charlie Parker and Billie Holiday. I started listening to these records and I just loved it. I didn’t know what it was or what improvisation was, I just loved the sound. Pretty soon, as soon as my brother would leave the house, I would pick up his bass and start trying to play with the records because there weren’t that many (jazz) musicians in that area of the Midwest to play with. After high school, I got to play with some people won the Ozark Jubilee who came up from Nashville and Springfield, Missouri, namely Hank Garland who was the guitarist with Eddie Arnold. Although known as a country player, he was as great jazz guitarist, and we played together every day.
Soon after I got a scholarship to go to L.A. and go to a school of music there. I turned down a scholarship to Oberlin in Ohio because I wanted to play jazz and the school in L.A was like Berklee is now in Boston. It was a jazz school. It turned out not to be that great so I dropped out very quickly and started working with really good musicians. That’s how I learned how to play. I was playing right away with people like Hampton Hawes, Elmo Hope, Sonny Clark. Truly great, unbelievable players. I mean there’s no more beautiful musician in the world than Elmo Hope, Hampton Hawes or Sonny Clark. I used to play with them every day. L.A. was a different place back then. There were a lot of musicians that were dedicated to creative music back in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. I was there in ’56 and moved to New York with Ornette in 1959.
I moved back to L.A., about four years ago to be near my children, and it’s a different place. It’s all oriented toward commercial music and movie studios. I have to leave town a lot to play the music I feel is really important. You know, there are different levels, both in music and in how you can approach it. The really great musicians who are really contributing to this life that we are living, they do what they do without choice because they have to… to change the world for the better. That’s on a higher level, away from things like making a living and paying bills. It’s really difficult because sometimes you don’t think about making a living and paying bills. You start feeling guilty because you know that if you were in the studios or playing commercial music or compromising your values a little bit you could be providing more for your children. Still, that is something that I have to do… I really have to do what I feel is a big responsibility, and that’s to make whatever this is we’re living in a better place for people and for all the children… so that’s what I’m doing.

~~~~~~~ He may truly rest in peace, as he lived his life with integrity and beauty, leaving a legacy of thoughtful creative music which reflect his views of struggle and humanity.  Charlie Haden – August 6, 1937 – July 11, 2014~~~~~~~


Here’s a link to a Democracy Now interview with Charlie Haden from 2006!


… and, two great videos:

OFOB for 7/15/14 – R.I.P. Charlie Haden, 8/6/37-7/11/14


The great bass player Charlie Haden left us on Friday.  He had been struggling for the past several years with the degenerative effects of post-polio syndrome, related to the polio he contracted in his youth.  He had a full, rich bass sound with near perfect intonation, and the ability to drop the appropriate note into a setting to give anchor to the turbulence of adventurous settings, or provide additional depth to the beauty of a subtle ballad.  His musical career started at an early age with his family which operated as a traveling country troupe base, and “It was country music all the way for me until I heard Bird in 1951.”  He later moved to L.A. and connected up with Paul Bley, Art Pepper and Hampton Hawes before joining Ornette Coleman’s 1959 quartet whose music would soon turn the jazz world upside down.

Working with Ornette regularly into the ‘70s and with regular reconnections for special projects or reunions, Charlie also became a member of Keith Jarrett’s acclaimed American quartet [also featuring Dewey Redman and Paul Motian], and formed the collaborative Old and New Dreams Band with Dewey, Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell, all Ornette alumni, to work the music of their earlier mentor as well as compositions and musical directions of their own.

A staunch liberal, Charlie’s compositions were often written in support of people and struggles in opposition to the conservative status quo, with dedications ranging from Che to Mao to the Nicaraguan Sandanistas.  This larger view manifested in the performance and recording vehicle of the Liberation Music Orchestra which gathered like-minded creative musicians.  First formed in 1969 with the help in arrangements of Carla Bley, the Liberation Music Orchestra’s repertoire presented a musical counter to the U.S.’s war in Asia, and would have several incarnations through 2004 in reaction to politics and policies of Reagan, and George Bush Sr. and Jr.  Musically, the Orchestra presented a powerful blend of original material and music drawn from classic songs of struggle ranging from “We Shall Overcome” to songs from the Spanish Civil War.  At a 1971 concert by Ornette’s band in Portugal, Charlie dedicated his “Song for Che” to the black liberation struggles in the Portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique, and subsequently carted off to jail by the Portuguese secret police.

In the ‘90s he formed Quartet West with Ernie Watts on saxophone and Alan Broadbent on piano.  As well as including originals in their repertoire, this group reworked classic jazz, torch and film songs, at times weaving the portions of the original recordings and vocals into the newer versions.  What for some could only result in a review as “schtick,” for Charlie and company the result was to reintroduce us to important pieces of musical iconography of import from the past.

In the flow of the show, I didn’t get to all the high points of Charlie’s important career, but as a remembrance of the gentle power of his music I think you will enjoy the program.  As in the past, we shall continue to enjoy the ability to include his music in our programs.  For a more complete view of his career, The Guardian’s obituary is a good resource [http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/jul/13/charlie-haden], as is Wiki’s page on Charlie which includes a discography.

Keep those ears growing!


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  • Denny Zeitlin/Charlie Haden- Ellen David- Time Remembers One Time Once- ECM
    • break
  • Geri Allen/Charlie Haden/Paul Motian- First Song- The Year of the Dragon- JMT
  • Charlie Haden Quartet West- Lady in the Lake- Haunted Heart- Verve Gitanes
  • Geri Allen/Charlie Haden/Paul Motian- Law Years [error] + Cabala/drum music- Segments- DIW
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  • Keith Jarrett- Rotation- Mysteries- Impulse!
  • Ornette Coleman- Song for Che- Crisis- Impulse Charlie Haden- Moonlight- Nocturne- Verve
  • Charlie Haden/Carlos Paredes- Asas Sobre O Mundo/Nas Asas da Saudade- Dialogues- Antilles
    • break
  • Charlie Haden/Hank Jones- L’Amour de Moy- Steal Away- Verve
  • Don Cherry and the Jazz Composer’s Orchestra- Trans-love Airways- Relativity Suite- JCOA
  • Old and New Dreams Band [Don Cherry/Dewey Redman/Charlie Haden/Ed Blackwell]- Chairman Mao- Old and New Dreams- Black Saint
    • break
  • Don Cherry- Malkauns- Brown Rice- A&M
  • Dino Saluzzi- …and He Loved His Brother, ‘Til the End- Once Upon a Time, Far Away to the South- ECM
  • Charlie Haden/Billy Higgins/Enrico Pieranunzi- For Turiya- First Song- Soul Note
  • Kenny Barron w/Roy Haynes and Charlie Haden- The Loss of a Moment- Wanton Spirit- Verve
  • Ornette Coleman/Charlie Haden- Human Being- Soapsuds, Soapsuds- Artist House
    • break
  • Charlie Haden Quartet West- Haunted Heart- Haunted Heart- Verve Gitanes
  • Charlie Haden Quartet West- Now is the Hour (Haere Ra: Maori Farewell Song)- Now is the Hour- Verve