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OFOB for 10/28/14

  • Aki Takase- Crepuscule With Nellie- Something Sweet, Something Tender- Enja
  • *Matthew Shipp- Life Cycle- I’ve Been to Many Places- Thirsty Ear
  • Barry Altschul (w/Jon Irabagon)- Irina- The 3dom Factor- TUM Records Oy
  • Barry Altschul- That’s Nice- That’s Nice- Soul Note
  • *Oliver Lake Quartet- Something Sweet, Something Tender- Prophet- Black Saint
  • Aki Takase/Alexander von Schlippenbach- Serene- So Long Eric! Homage to Eric Dolphy- Intakt
  • Richard Andersson (w/Tony Malaby)- Nica’s Dream- Sustainable Quartet- Blackout music
  • Alexander von Schlippenbach- Light Blue- Light Blue- Enja
  • Aki Takase/Alexander von Schlippenbach- Hat and Beard- So Long Eric! Homage to Eric Dolphy- Intakt
  • Matthew Shipp Trio- Roe- Harmonic Disorder- Thirsty Ear
  • Eric Revis Quartet (w/Darius Jones)- The Tulpa Chronicles, pt. III- In Memory of Things Yet Seen- Clean Feed
  • *Eric Revis Quartet- Hits- In Memory of Things Yet Seen- Clean Feed
  • *Universal Light Quartet (w/Yusef Lateef, Adam Rudolph, Kasper Tranberg, Kresten Osgood)- 1.452- Light- ilk music
  • Maleem Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders- Hamdouchi- The Trance of Seven Colors- Axiom
  • Darius Jones- Chasing the Ghost- Man’ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing)- Aum Fidelity
  • David Boykin Expanse- 6-12-13- Love Power Magic- Sonic Healing Ministries
  • Sonny Sharrock- As We Used to Sing- Ask the Ages- Axiom
  • Henry Threadgill- Little Pocket Sized Demons- Too Much Sugar for a Dime- Axiom

OFOB for 10/21/14

Here’s this week’s playlist. More good music, more good fun, and I hope you get more good listening out of it. Modern music from 1969 to 2013 with lots of great sounds in between.
If you have any questions or comments, be sure to drop me a note.
Keep those ears growing!
Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
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OFOB for 10/21/14:

  • Dewey Redman- Joie de Vivre- The Ear of the Behearer- Impulse
  • *Jon Irabagon Trio- Elusive- It Takes All Kinds- jazzwerkstatt
  • Conference Call [G.Ullman/J.M.Stevens/J.Fonds/G.Schuller]- Bald Eagle- Seven: Live at Firehouse 12- Not Two
  • The Fonda/Stevens Trio + 2- In the Whitecage- Live in Katowice- Not Two
  • *Charles Tyler- Mid Western Drifter- Mid Western Drifter- Bleu Regard
  • OK NOK… KONGO- A Chaos With Some Kind of Order- Moonstone Journey: Music by John Tchicai, Played by OK NOK… Kongo- dacapo
  • Tiziano Tononi Awake Nu Quartet w/Daniele Cavalanti- Desireless- The (CherryCo)mpany- Nu Bop
  • David Boykin Expanse- Some Slick 8 Bar Blues- Love Power Magic- Sonic Healing Ministeries
  • *Rob Brown Quartet w/Roy Campbell- Flat Out- Jumping Off the Page- No More
  • *Steve Swell’s Fire Into Music- For Grachan- Swimming in a Galaxy of Goodwill and Sorrow- RogueArt
  • Grachan Moncur III- Exploration- New Africa/One Morning I Woke Up Very Early- BYG
  • The Super Quartet of Mal Waldron with Steve Lacy- What It Is- Evidence/King
  • AALY Trio + Ken Vandermark- Alva Jo- Live at the Glenn Miller Café- Wobbly Rail
  • *Rob Brown/Lou Grassi 4tet- A Hatful- Scratching the Surface- CIMP

and in the video department:

OFOB playlist for 10/14/14


Another fun-packed show, this week. Below is the playlist including start times for pieces if you get a chance to listen via the KUSP music show player. First time play for a compelling release by Chicago sax player David Boykin – a live recording at the Hungry Brain, the piano a little rinky-dink, but played excellently by Jim Baker, + w/a similar sound to the piano played by Les Walker on the Steve Reid rarity, so I hope you can get used to it and dig what they were putting out on both those dates.
Dig in + keep those ears growing!
Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
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OFOB for 10/14/14: [*denotes follows mic break]

  • 0:00 Misha Mengelberg Trio- Rollo III- Who’s Bridge?- Avant
  • 7:18 *Jim Baker- Tolled Deadpan- More Questions Than Answers- Delmark
  • 10:30 Simon Nabatov- The Third World- Spinning Songs of Herbie Nichols- Leo
  • 18:30 Matthew Shipp- New Orbit- Matthew Shipp’s New Orbit- Thirsty Ear
  • 21:23 Matthew Shipp- Chi- Matthew Shipp’s New Orbit- Thirsty Ear
  • 31:52 *Roberta Piket/Roby Glod/Mark Tokar/Klaus Kugel- Nazar- Op Der Schmelz (Live)- Nemu
  • 37:51 Cory Wright Outfit- The Sea and Space- Apples + Oranges- Singlespeed music
  • 46:25 Wadada Leo Smith- Lake Michigan- The Great Lakes Suite- TUM Records Oy [w/Leo- tpt, Henry Threadgill- alto sax, John Lindberg- bass, Jack DeJohnette- drums]
  • 72:07 *Frank Gratkowski Quartet- The Flying Dutchman- Le Vent et la Gorge- Leo
  • 81:39 Vinny Golia Octet- And These People Drive Too! (Subterranean)- Music for Baritone Saxophone- Nine Winds
  • 96:00 *The Ullmann/Swell 4- New York 5:50- News? No News!- jazzwerkstatt
  • 102:53 Steve Reid [w/Arthur Blythe]- C You Around- Rhythmatism- Mustavic Sound
  • 114:42 David Boykin Expanse- Hyperspace- Love Power Magic- Sonic Healing Ministries
  • 133:07 Fire! Orchestra [Mats Gustafsson +]- Enter part four- Enter- rune grammofon [yow!]
  • 147:01 *Kalle Kalima & K-18- That Obscure Object of Desire- Bunuel de Jour- TUM records Oy

OFOB playlist for 9/30/14


This posting is later than usual – no reflection on the quality of musicianship represented in the program. I am hoping that you have already availed yourself of the chronological posting at the OFOB site on kusp.org which occurred while the program happened. Note there is still some 40 odd hours for you to listen to it before tomorrow’s program is loaded in and takes the place of the below show on KUSP’s web music player.

This show turned on a new release by great Italian drummer Tiziano Tononi who’s Peace Warriors recording of provocative covers of Ornette Coleman on Black Saint. His Awake Nu Quartet including adept reedman Daniele Cavallanti is a consummate set of covers of the great Don Cherry, and with this release as the inspirational focus for the program you should find no dearth of neutrally stimulating music and hope you have the opportunity to dig in. Below you’ll find the playlist replete with Don Cherry’s music showing up in a variety of ways… notes included!

Keep those ears growing!

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Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
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OFOB for 9/30/14:
Kasper Tranberg & Nils Davidsen- Le Hex- Zone Bleue- Ilk music [a lush set of duets by Danish players w/Kasper on trumpet and Nils on bass]
*Steve Lacy with Don Cherry- Something to Live For- Evidence- Prestige [a classic 1962 recording also featuring Billy Higgins on drums and recorded by Rudy van Gelder for New Jazz. We hear a cover of Duke Ellington]
Simon Toldam Trio- Se, En Fugl Kigger Ned- Kig Op 14- Ilk music [more great Danish jazz, this new trio release by Simon also features Nils Davidsen and reminded me of Misha Mengelberg’s great trio recordings. The title translates to “see, a bird looking down”]
Eric Dolphy- Fire Waltz- Live at the Five Spot, Vol. 1- Prestige [from 1962 this run at the NYC jazz club produced 3+ lps of great music by a quintet to die for: Eric on reeds (alto here), Booker Little – trumpet, Mal Waldron- piano, Richard Davis- bass, and Ed Blackwell- drums. A jumping live version of Mal’s tune, also see Mal’s studio date “The Quest” from the same year. Eric and Booker would undoubtedly have continued as consummate musical partners and innovators (note this effectively a co-led group for this date) had Booker not died at the age of 21]
*Andrew Hill- One For- Blue Black- Sound in Time [An under-recorded quartet of Andrew’s in a slow recording period for this master pianist. Jimmy Vass- alto sax, Chris White- bass and Leroy Williams- drums, this was first issued on the Japanese label East Wind and as such did not get the U.S. airing the date deserves]
Steve Lacy/Masahiko Togashi/Masahiko Satoh- Tina’s Tune- Apices: Live at the Egg Farm 2000- Studio Songs [this date actually recorded in Japan and took me a while to track down to add to my Lacy collection. Percussionist M.Togashi is was a semi-regular collaborator of Lacy’s, M.Satoh is on piano.]
Bruce Eisenbeil/Klaus Kugel/Perry Robinson/Peter Evans/Hilliard Greene- Iono- Carnival Skin- Nemu Records [a collective date, Eisenbell plays guitar, Klaus Kugel- drums, Perry Robinson- clarinet, Peter Evans- trumpet, Hilliard Greene- bass. This is Hilliard’s composition and he has a lovely arco solo]
*Tiziano Tononi Awake Nu Quartet- Complete Communion- The (CherryCo)mpany- Nu Bop Records [A marvelous new recording covering Don Cherry tunes… a BIG FUN date which gets 4 thumbs up + big YOW from me! 2011 live tracks w/Tiziano- drums, Daniele Cavallanti- tenor sax, Luca Calabrese- trumpet + Andrea DiBiase- bass. This the title tune was Don Cherry’s first release for Blue Note recorded in 1966]
Charles Brackeen (w/D.Cherry, C.Haden/E.Blackwell)- Rhythm X- Rhythm X- StrataEast [Texas tenor Charles Brackeen grabbed up 3 Ornette Coleman alums for a very Ornettish date from 1973 produced by Clifford Jordan]
Ornette Coleman and Charlie Haden- Human Being- Soapsuds Soapsuds- Artist House [1977 w/Ornette on tenor sax, as perfect a duet date as you have any right to expect from these two masters. Though all numbers on the album are great, you have got to dig the contemplative power of Charlie’s Human Being!]
*AALY Trio/DKV Trio- Awake Nu- Double or Nothing- Okka Disc [AALY trio = Swedish greats Mats Gustafsson on alto + tenor sax, Kjell Nordeson- drums & Ingebrigt Haker Flaten- bass. DKV Trio = Chicago greats Ken Vandermark- tenor + clarinets, Kent Kessler- bass & Hamid Drake- drums. In 1999 these birds of a feather let fly with this tune originally from Cherry’s "Where is Brooklyn?" date]
Tiziano Tononi Awake Nu Quartet- Cherryco- The (CherryCo)mpany- Nu Bop Records [In 1960 John Coltrane’s reaction to the world changing arrival of Ornette Coleman to the scene was to hit the studio w/Ornette band mates including Don Cherry- tpt, Charlie Haden- bass and Ed Blackwell- drums (+ a second date w/Percy Heath- bass). The music was not released until 1966 (well into Trane’s tenure w/Impulse) as the Lp credited as co-led with Don Cherry: “The Avant- Garde”. The release included two Ornette pieces, one Monk piece and the Don Cherry tune covered here]
What We Live [Larry Ochs/Lisle Ellis/Donald Robinson + Wadada Leo Smith & Dave Douglas]- The Big Hunt- Quintet for a Day- New World [What We Live an innovative trio of sax/bass/drums which was designed to periodically include individual special guests. Here trumpeters Wadada Leo Smith & Dave Douglas helped provide this exceptional quintet recording.]
Ches Smith & These Arches- Learned from Jamie Stewart- Hammered- Clean Feed [drummer Ches fronts an unusual quartet w/power-saxists Tim Berne + Tony Malaby riding over the chordal work of Mary Halvorson- guitar + Andrea Parker- accordion]
Ornette Coleman Quartet- Lonely Woman- Reunion 1990- Domino Records [time for a reworking of this classic 1959 Ornette piece from a reunion 31 years later w/original band members Ornette- alto sax, Don Cherry- trumpet, Charlie Haden- bass + Billy Higgins- drums. The original ran 4:59 and this live version runs a good 12 minutes, never losing the signature excitement of Ornette’s music]
*Billy Bang- The Kora Song- Untitled Gift- Anima Records [1982 - Billy on violin w/Don Cherry- tpt, Wilbur Morris- bass, Denis Charles- drums. A rare Don Cherry composition]

and in the video section:

follow this link for Herbie Hancock + Don Cherry together on Monk’s Bemsha Swing


+ a full 1991 concert w/Peter Apfelbaum!

OFOB for 9/23/13


A wonderful weekend was had by all at the Monterey Jazz Festival 9/19-21. I hope you were able to make the scene, either in person or via KUSP’s live/local broadcast coverage and/or our on-the-spot blog coverage via kusp.org, where you can still find some great photos and observations! A big tip of the porkpie goes out to The Festival, all the participating musicians, plus all the KUSP crew who worked so hard over the weekend to bring you some real music from a real festival!

As luck would have it, I came down w/a serious cold just after the festival, so Jim Sentetos was kind enough to sit in for me this week. As usual, available for you to listen before the next show gets loaded in the wee hours of October 1st.

Keep those ears growing!

Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
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OFOB for 9/23/14 – guest host Jim Sentetos

  • Middle Space Collective- Skronk- Paradigm Shift- Sound on Purpose records
  • Scott Colley- The Getting Place- Empire- CAM Jazz
  • William Parker- Land Song- Corn Meal Dance- Aum Fidelity
  • Fareed Haque- In Bollywood- Trance Hypothesis- Delmark
  • Kenny Wheeler- For Tracy- What Now?- CAM Jazz
  • Trio M- Secrets to Tell You- Big Picture- Cryptogramophone
  • Andrew Cyrille Trio- Nicodemus- Good to Go- Soul Note
  • Vijay Ayer- Gauntlet- Tirtha- ACT
  • Odean Pope- Zanzibar Blue- Epitome- In + Out Records
  • Matthew Shipp- Paradox X- Matthew Shipp’s New Orbit- Thirsty Ear
  • [Kahil ElZabar’s] Ritual Trio- Another Kind of Groove- Big Cliff- Delmark
  • Mal Waldron w/Jeanne Lee + Toru Tenda- Circumambulation- Travellin’ in Soul Time- BvHaast
  • Ben Allison- Green Al- Think Free- Palmetto
  • J.D. Allen- Bloom- Bloom- Savant
  • Robin Eubanks- Kasmir- KlassiK Rock, vol. 1- Artist Share
  • Dave Douglas- Eastern Parkway- Freak In- Blue Bird
  • Charles Lloyd- Brother on the Rooftop- The Call- ECM
  • Jimmy Giuffre- Fly Away Little Bird- Fly Away Little Bird- Owl
  • Dayna Stephens- Teeth- Timeless Now- CTA
  • Trio 3 + Vijay Iyer- Rosmarie- Wiring- Intakt

OFOB for 9/16/14


Here’s the playlist for this week’s show. I admit to failing to give the appropriate on air kudos to Jeff Dayton-Johnson & Jim Sentetos for filling in for me while I was out of town. It’s again good to be back + share some exciting music with you. This show includes a mix of things that have been hitting me lately with some artists who are playing at this year’s Monterey Jazz Festival…. HEY, it’s this weekend! Visit Montereyjazzfestival.org for more information about the festival + ticket info, and visit kusp.org for more info about or broadcasts. Be sure to tune in if you’re in our broadcast area, and for those who can’t listen in for our live festival coverage, there are some special concerts also available live over the web at kusp.org… don’t complain about it to me if you missed out on some great music!!! As always, we try to give you the best of the best and the most of the most.

Questions, comments about OFOB always appreciated.

Keep those ears growing!

Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
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OFOB for 9/16/14 [* indicates that piece follows mic break]:

  • Aaron Diehl- Prologue- Thee Bespoke Man’s Narrative- Mack Avenue
  • *Cécile McLorin Salvant- Prelude/There’s a Lull in My Life- Woman Child- Mack Avenue
  • Harold Mabern- The People Tree- Mr. Lucky- HighNote
  • *J.D. Allen- Pater Noster- Bloom- Savant
  • Charles Lloyd Quartet- Desolation Sound- Mirror- ECM
  • *Charles Lloyd Quartet- Caroline, No- Mirror- ECM
  • Charles Lloyd & Jason Moran- You’ve Changed- Hagar’s Song- ECM
  • Ivo Perelman & Karl Berger- Reverie- Reverie- Leo Records
  • Lovedale- Landscape- Green Sounds- Ilk music
  • Aardvark Jazz Orchestra- Urban Renewal/Loss & Lament- Impressions- Leo Records
  • Wadada Leo Smith- Emmett Till: Defiant, Fearless- Ten Freedom Summers- Cuneiform
  • *Marc Ducret- Interlude: L’Ombra de Verdi- Tower, Vol. 1- Ayler Records
  • *Marc Ducret- Sur l’Elecricite- Tower Bridge- Ayler Records
  • (Ken Vandermark’s) Audio One- 6C (by Anthony Braxton)- The Midwest School- AudioGraphics
  • Audio One- The Floor (for Julius Hemphill)- An International Report- AudioGraphics
  • The Daniel Rosenboom Septet- Tadodaho- Unsayable Absence: Live at the Blue Whale- danielrosenboom.com
  • *Daniel Rosenboom- Prologue: The 12 Signs- Book of Omens- Nine Winds

OFOB for 9/9/14

A tip of the porkpie to guest host Jim Sentetos!

  • William Parker’s Raining on the Moon- Doctor Yesterday- Corn Meal Dance- Aum Fidelty
  • Matthew Shipp- Syntax- Matthew Shipp’s New Orbit- Thirsty Ear
  • UMO Jazz Orchestra- High Speed Chase- Electrifying Miles- Challenge
  • Andrew Cyrille/Mark Dresser/Marty Ehrlich- A Simple Melody- C/D/E- Jazz Magnet
  • The Stone Quartet [Roy Campbell/Marilyn Crispell/Mat Maneiri/Joelle Leandre]- Part 1- DMG at the Stone, Vol. 1- DMG/ARC
  • Eddie Gale- Free You, Fee Me- Afro Fire- Intuition
  • Trio 3 [Oliver Lake/ReggieWorkman/Andrew Cyrille]- Shave- Wiring- Intakt
  • Andrew Hill- Faded Beauty- A Beautiful Day- Palmetto
  • Phil Ranelin- Metamorphosis- Living a New Day- PHILLRAN Music
  • Odean Pope- You Remind Me- What Went Before, Vol. 1- Porter Records
  • Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble- Ice- Renegades- Delmark
  • Dave Douglas- Loopy- Songs for Wandering Souls- Winter & Winter
  • Thirteen Ways [Fred Hersch/Michael Moore/Gerry Hemingway]- Habanera- Focus- Palmetto
  • The Whammies- To Kiss (to Maurice Ravel)- Play the Music of Steve Lacy, Vol. 3, live- Driff Records
  • Gary Peacock, Paul Bley and Paul Motian- Not Zero: In One Part- Not Two, Not One- ECM
  • Enrico Ravia, Paul Motian & Stefano Bollani- Fantasm- Tati- ECM
  • Matthew Shipp Duo with William Parker- Cell Sequence- duo- Thirsty Ear
  • Matthew Shipp Duo with William Parker- Amazing Grace- duo- Thirsty Ear

OFOB for 8/27/14

A tip of the porkpie to guest host Jeff Dayton-Johnson:

  • Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell- Mutron / Bemsha Swing / Solidarity / Arabian
  • Nightingale- El Corazon- ECM
  • Clifford Jordn- Glass Bead Games- Half Note- SteepleChase
  • Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait & Switch- Old- Comeuppance- Not Two
  • Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York- Shiki- Shiki- Libra
  • Cecil Taylor- Indent: First Layer (excerpt)- Indent- Arista Freedom
  • The Pyramids- Aomawa- Birth/Speed/Merging- Disco B
  • Alice Coltrane- TheAnkhof AmenRa- Universal Consciousness- Impulse/UMG
  • Wadada Leo Smith- Lake St. Clair- The Great Lakes Suite- Tum Records OY
  • Wadada Leo Smith/JamieSaft/Joe Morris/Balazs Pandi- Arfvedsonite- Red Hill- Rare Noise
  • Marilyn Crispell- You Don’t Know What Love Is- Labyrinths- Victo
  • Bobby Hutcherson- Ghetto Lights- Dialogue- Blue Note
  • Steve Lacy- Ask Me Now- Reflections: Steve Lacy Plays Thelonious Monk- Prestige/New Jazz
  • Steve Lacy- Little Rootie Tootie- Only Monk- Soul Note
  • Thelonious Monk- The Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall- Riverside/Fantasy

OFOB for 8/26/14


A quick and dirty on the playlist for this week.  Some BIG pieces, especially the new Wadada Leo Smith [Great Lakes Suite w/Henry Threadgill, John Lindberg & Jack DeJohnette] + Leo Smith w/TUM Orchestra.  Overall I found this to be an engaging show, throughout.  Dig in!

Keep those ears growing!


P.S. A tip of the porkpie to Jeff Dayton-Johnson and Jim Sentetos for filling in for me for the next couple weeks.

Larry Blood – Host of Out Front, Outback
Presenting jazz and extensions as a living art form, with tradition a byword for music moving into the future. A KUSP-FM featured program serving California’s Central Coast since 1983, airing Tuesdays from 9:30pm to midnight PST.
contact = larryb@cruzio.com
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OFOB for 8/26/14

  • Anthony Davis and Jay Hoggard- A Walk Through the Shadow- Under the Double Moon –Pausa
  • Jason Robinson & Anthony Davis- Shimmer- Cerulean Landscape- Clean Feed
  • Wadada Leo Smith [w/Anthony Davis, Malachi Favors, Jack DeJohnette]- Harumi- Golden Quartet- Tzadik
  • Cool- Phillip Wilson w/Lester Bowie- The Phillip Wilson Project -Jazz Door
  • Avram Fefer, Eric Revis & Chad Taylor- Trued Right- Eliyahu- Not Two records
  • Michael Musillami Trio + Kris Davis & Jimmy Greene- Bald Yet Hip- Pride -Playscape
  • Jan Garbarek & Bobo Stenson Quartet- A.I.R.- Witchi-Tai-To – ECM
  • Wadada Leo Smith- Lake Superior- The Great Lakes Suite -TUM Records Oy
  • What We Live [Larry Ochs, Dave Douglas, Lisle Ellis, Donald Robinson, Wadada Leo Smith] – Here Today-
  • What We Live: Quintet For A Day – New World
  • AALY Trio + Ken Vandermark- Why I Don’t Go Back- Stumble -Wobbly Rail
  • Lester Bowie [w/Arthur Blythe, Amina Claudine Myers, Malachi Favors, Phillip Wilson]- Amina- African Children -Horo
  • Wadada Leo Smith & TUMO- Crossing the Southern Road (a memorial for Marion Brown)- Occupy the World -TUM Records Oy

…and in the video department:


OFOB for 8/19/14:

  • Matthew Shipp- Summertime- I’ve Been to Many Places (solo)- Thirsty Ear
    • break
  • Sun Ra- St. Louis Blues- St. Louis Blues- Improvising Artists
  • Andrew Hill- Hattie- Nefertiti- East Wind/Inner City
  • Triptych Myth [Cooper-Moore/Tom Abs/Chad Taylor]- Poppa’s Gin in the Chicken Feed- Aum Fidelity
    • break
  • Vijay Iyer Trio- Trident: 2010- Historicity- ACT
  • Paul Giallorenzo Trio- The  Sun’s Always Shining- Paul Giallorenzo Trio- Not Two
    • break
  • Kris Davis- Good Citizen- Aeriol Piano- Clean Feed
  • Tim Daisy Trio- Spreepark Serenade- A Fine Day in Berlin- Relay Recordings
  • William Parker’s In Order to Survive- Three Clay Pots- The Peach Orchard- Aum Fidelity
    • break
  • Guillermo Gregorio, Steve Swell & Pandelis Karayorgis- In the Cracks of Four- Window and Doorway- Driff Records
  • The Whammies- Sublimation (to Sun Ra)- …Play the Music of Steve Lacy, Vol. 3 (live)- Driff Records
  • Masahiko Togashi with Steve Lacy, Don Cherry & Dave Holland- Wickets- Bura Bura: The Complete Edition- Pan Music
    • break
  • Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble- Cause and Effect- Black Unstoppable- Delmark
  • The Bureau of Atomic Tourism- Blues de l’ombre- Spinning Jenny- RAT records
  • Fire! Orchestra- Enter, Part One- Enter- rune gramophone
  • Primitive Orchestra- Desolate Row- Dolphy’s Hat, Directions in Music by David Haney- Slam Recordings
  • Marc Ducret- Interlude: L’Ombra de Verdi- Tower, vol. 1- Ayler recordings
    • break
  • Cecil Taylor- In Florescence- In Florescence- A&M