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Notes and playlist for Out Front, Outback of 1/10/11

Dear Friends and fellow fans of non-commercial offerings in media and the arts,

Below is the playlist for this weeks show w/some added notes which duplicate or augment some of the verbal patter in the show.

As per usual, this show is available to listen until early next Wednesday morning when a newer show is loaded.

Keep those ears on the prize (hold on) and let them grow big, big, BIG!


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OFOB for 1/10/12:

**Brian Groder- Iota- Torque- Latham Records  [Brian plays trumpet, and the group with him is Sam Rivers' trio he worked with after moving to Florida, w/Doug Matthews on bass + Anthony Cole on drums.  A marvelous date.]
**Brian Groder- Cross eyed- Torque- Latham Records [I needed to ask how you were doing after our opening cut for the show, hence the separate listing of this tune.]
**Fluid Motion with Sam Rivers- Fluid Motion- Fluid Motion with Sam Rivers- isospin labs  [Trombonist David Manson wrote all the tunes, but felt this date would get more legs if Sam was mentioned in the group title.  Another great late period release featuring the Sam Rivers FLA trio + added trumpet player.]
**Keefe Jackson Quartet- Maker- Seeing You See- Clean Feed  [Chicago young lions w/Keefe on tenor sax + b.clar, Jeb Bishop on tbone, Jason Roebke on bass + Noritaka Tanaka on drums.  Keefe is a fine composer + player, and I expect him to go far.  His Delmark "Just Like This" 12tet date also comes highly recommended.]
**Jason Stein Quartet- Hatoolie- The Story This Time- Delmark  [Jason plays bass clarinet, and he's joined by Keefe Jackson who this time doubles on tenor sax = contrabass clarinet.  Other Windy City players are Joshua Abrams on bass + Frank Rosaly on drums.]
**Mary Halvorson Quintet- Cold Mirrors/Crescent White Singe- Saturn Sings- Firehouse 12 Records  [You've heard me tout this in the past year - a killer date with quirky but eminently attractive compositions an playing.  Mary has worked with Anthony Braxton a fair amount, and with this CD really comes into her own.  A hollowbody guitar player w/a very unique style.]
**The Thirteenth Assembly [Jessica Pavone/Mary Halvorson/Taylor Ho Bynum/Tomas Fujiwara]- Randal Clasper- Station Direct- Important Records  [a killer little date, instruments are viola/guitar/trumpet/drums.  Why not visit this site and learn more about it - http://importantrecords.com/imprec/imprec343]
**Rashied Ali Quintet- Blood on the Cross- Moonflight- Survival Records  [as I said on the show, Rashied was John Coltrane's drummer of choice after Elvin Jones ('66 + '67) and recorded the remarkable Interstellar Space duet record w/John.  He also had his own club "Ali's Alley" in Manhattan- basically a loft space- which hosted some killer groups which were not being booked into the Village Vanguard... I was lucky to catch some amazing evenings of music w/ Air (w/Henry Threadgill/Fred Hopkins/Steve McCall) and the Oliver Lake quartet there.  Survival Records is Rashied's label, and I think this is the tightest recording on Survival... a creative music classic from 1975 including the under-recorded Jimmy Vass on alto sax + Charles Eubanks on piano.]
**Vinny Golia Quartet [w/Bobby Bradford/Ken Filiano/Alex Cline]- On the Steel- Take Your Time- Relative Pitch Records  [Vinny is fortunate to be able to spend his time honing his skills on a plethora of wind instruments + runs 9 Winds records which documents almost exclusively West Coast musicians, where you can find a lot of his work.  He has a long history w/these L.A. players.  Trumpeter Bobby Bradford is known for his collaborations with clarinet player John Carter.   Ken is one of the best bass players out of L.A., and is a fine drummer who has also stayed on the difficult L.A. scene.  This date is new out and very diggable...  the same quartet recorded "Lineage" for 9 Winds in 1998 and Sfumato for Clean Feed in 2003.  Vinny playing mostly saxophones and clarinets of various sizes and pitches.]
**Henry Threadgill- Good Times- You Know the Number- Novus  [With this tune Henry presents a good time, indeed!  This incarnation of his "sextett" recordings featured himself on alto + tenor sax + flute, Rasul Siddik on tpt, Frank Lacy on tbone, Diedre Murray on cello, Fred Hopkins on bass & drummers Pheeroan AkLaff + Reggie Nicholson.  You're right, that's seven players, but Henry's concept was that the arrangements and performances were as if the drummers were effectively playing one instrument.  A major label recording for Henry [RCA Novus], it’s been out of print for a while and is now a bit of a rarity.  His earlier About Time sextett recordings are still available and also solid as hell, + his most recent recordings are on Pi.  Screw the majors, they’re only in it for the money.  Fortunately the Columbia and Novus recordings are all still available on a somewhat pricey but incredible Mosaic 8 CD box set]
**Darius Jones Trio- EGaz- Big Gurl- Aum Fidelity  [Darius's second trio CD w/different personnel, this one really a hit.  Check out the similarities in his biting alto tone w/Henry Threadgill's.]
**Vinny Golia Octet- An Anticipation of Only Catastrophe- Music for Baritone Saxophone [Low and Inside; (close call anyway...)]- Nine  Winds  [This is a jumping big date by Vinny.  Everybody plays hard + the rhythm section includes a nicely skronky guitar.  Plenty of bottom w/Vinny on bari + "tubax" (contrabass sax).  Ken Filiano back on bass.]
**Anthony Braxton/Rova Saxophone Quartet- The Aggregate- The Aggregatge- Sound Aspects  [I've got a bunch of Rova music, and feel everyone should know who they are.  Geo Warner (of Thursday night's jazz show Things Ain't What They Used to Be) and I recently caught them in Berkeley doing a dedication to the late Glenn Spearman.  I decided it was not right to have all that saxophone creativity cooped up in little jewel boxes on my shelves, and vowed to play from their discography with more regularity.  This a start.... Rova = Larry Ochs, Steve Adams, Bruce Ackley + John Raskin who wrote this tune.  Anthony Braxton should need no introduction.]
**Rob Brown Trio w/Craig Taborn + Nasheet Waits- Unknown Skies- Unknown Skies- RogueArt  [This wonderful live recording from France has alto sax, piano and drums.  The playing is so strong I bet you won't miss the bass player, either.]
**Undivided [Waclaw Zimpel/Perry Robinson/Bobby Few/Mark Tokar/Klaus Kugel]- Hoping the Morning Say- Moves Between Clouds: Live in Warsaw- Multikulti Project  [There were some good segues in this show, but this one stood out for me, with Undivided's sound swelling out of the previous trio date.  Again, Waclaw the composer + virtual leader, though he's humble enough to operate under a group name in recognition of the inherent interplay integral to a creative group.  Wonderful that they pulled in Bobby Few (piano) for this concert!]
**Old Dog [Louie Belogenis/Karl Berger/Michael Bisio/Warren Smith]- By Any Other Name [quartet]- By Any Other Name- Porter Records  [tenor man Louie Belogenis has been recording a lot lately... I first ran into him in Prima Matera, a group which recorded 3 marvelous dates covering Coltrane + Ayler tunes.... Rashied Ali was also in that group.  This perhaps my fave recent date including Louie w/a full complement of mature improvisers.  Very sensitive playing, a date which come highly recommended.  Karl plays vibes + piano, Michael Biso on bass, Warren Smith on drums.  A nice closer to what I found to be a satisfying evening.]

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