KUSP's Poetry Show

Selected Readings and Gwynne Harries


The KUSP Poetry Show has two hosts on November 4, 2012. In the first half, the familiar voice of Dennis Morton reads  and expounds upon a selection of poems from “over the pond”, including four by the Irish poet Martina Evans, from her book Facing the Public. From another Irish poet (is it redundant to say “Irish poet”?), Siobhán Campbell, we hear selections from her book Crosstalk, including one you can read online – called Quickthorn.


The second half of the show is hosted by our favorite over-the-pond correspondent, Gwynne Harries, a native of Wales who lives and teaches in England. Gwynne joins us on the Poetry Show via a recorded conversation that took place earlier this year at the Tŷ Newydd Writers’ Centre in northern Wales, where Gwynne attended a writers’ retreat. Fellow attendee and poet Carol Leach, who hails from the north-west of England (Lancastershire), joins in a discussion of British and American regional accents, and tells a few stories from a past visit to Santa Cruz. Carol then reads and discusses selections from a couple of favorite poets, Grace Nichols and Selima Hill, followed by one poem of her own. Concluding the reading is a poem by Pascale Petit, a Welsh poet with a French-sounding name.

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