KUSP's Poetry Show

Kevin Opstedal, guest poet


20_K OpstedalSerendipity just happens at the Poetry Show. A chance encounter with host Dennis Morton led to an appearance by local poet Kevin Opstedal on this week’s KUSP Poetry Show (October 20, 2013). He has twice previously been a guest on the show, at two-year intervals (2009, 2011). This is, however, his first appearance in the Poetry Show blog. It may become a Poetry Show tradition to have Kevin as a guest in every odd year (or at least in every odd-numbered year).




20_memoryfoam coverThe newest collection of Kevin Opstedal poetry is titled Memory Foam. From the publisher, Seven Fingers Press:

“Here, in Kevin O land, the Rimbaud epigraph feels
wholly apt. California’s long, lean Pacific coastline
is Kevin O’s exilic Red Sea refuge. The difference is,
the surfer’s pen still works. The landscape may look
narrow (until you glance out to sea), but his topic,
life’s evanescence—is vast. ‘Burnt Orange’ sets
the tone, but feel free to dive in anywhere.”

- Michael Wolfe

In addition to his own poetry, Kevin has become a publisher, with Blue Press Books.

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