KUSP's Poetry Show

Readings: Hitchcock, Hard Times and Recorded Voices


G HitchcockThe KUSP Poetry Show broadcast for November 3, 2013 offered readings of a fine selection of contemporary poetry. In the show’s first half, host Dennis Morton read from the books:

  • One Man Boat, by George Hitchcock, with a Foreword by Philip Levine and Introduction by Robert McDowell
  • From the Rococo Eye, by George Hitchcock
  • Good Poems for Hard Times, an anthology of poetry “selected and introduced by” Garrison Keillor.

Good Poems cover





Included in Keillor’s collection is Ode to American English, by Barbara Hamby (follow the link to the complete poem), which begins with:

“I was missing English one day, American, really,

with its pill-popping Hungarian goulash of everything

from Anglo-Saxon to Zulu, because British English

is not the same, if the paperback dictionary

I bought at Brentano’s on the Avenue de l’Opéra

is any indication, too cultured by half…”



The second half of this week’s Poetry Show featured selections from the second of a four-CD collection of poets reading their own work, titled In Their Own Voices: a Century of Recorded Poetry, edited/produced by Rebeka Presson Mosby, who also edited the Poetry Speaks series and the Grammy-nominated  Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work (1888-2006).


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