KUSP's Poetry Show

Zara Raab, guest poet


24-raab-fracas-copy-182x300Northern California poet and writer Zara Raab was the guest of host Dennis Morton on the Poetry Show for November 24, 2013. Ms. Raab and Dennis read from and discussed her third and latest poetry collection, titled Fracas & Asylum.

“The language of Zara Raab’s Fracas & Asylum moves in a loose, jazzy relationship with meter, or syllabics, and rhyme. The content of this complex, fascinating book—which ranges from introspection and autobiography—or perhaps persona poems—through botany, painting, life deep in the sea or in the air—also plays sinuously against the world.  At one pole this is a poetry of wit and nuance, at the other, often where the poems slope suddenly off, begin to echo, Raab brings us into touch with brute fact, the actual.”

  -Richard Silberg, teacher, poet, The Horses and Deconstruction of the Blues

It’s been a little over two years since her last appearance on the Poetry Show, a visit which also corresponded with the publishing of a poetry collection, titled Swimming the Eel.

In addition to poetry, Zara Raab writes essays, book reviews and interviews with fellow poets. Links to all of these can be found on her website.

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