KUSP's Poetry Show

Debra Spencer, guest poet


Local poet Debra Spencer was the special guest of host Dennis Morton on the KUSP Poetry Show broadcast for December 1, 2013. Her second poetry collection, titled Gleams When Wet, will be published in a couple of weeks by Hummingbird Press.

01-SpencerCover288We haven’t yet seen the cover of Gleams When Wet, so we’ll show Debra’s first book, Pomegranate, published in 2004 by Hummingbird.

In addition to reading and discussing a substantial selection of poems from the new book, Debra tells the story behind the founding of Hummingbird Press. Begun as a collective effort by a group of local poets, Hummingbird now has twelve authors and Gleams When Wet  will be its twenty-first published book of poetry.

01-de la tour magdalen

Debra shares stories about some of the things that have inspired her poetry, including a painting by the French baroque artist George de la Tour,  titled Magdalene With the Smoking Flame.

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