KUSP's Poetry Show

Selected Readings, Adrienne Rich CD


12-november2013-fullcoverIn the first half of the Poetry Show of December 15, 2013, host Dennis Morton read selections from the November 2013 issue of the venerable Poetry magazine. Special attention is given to the work of Philip B. Williams and Todd Boss, including one called Bravery, which you can read online.

15-ccR42Next up was the latest issue of Rattle (issue #42 – winter 2013) , one of the Poetry Show’s favorite magazines, which contributed several selections for your auditory consideration. According to the editors: “Rattle #42 is another entirely open free-for-all, and we’ve stuffed it to the whim”.


15-Adrienne CD


The second half of the show was given to a CD collection of readings by Adrienne Rich of her own work. The recordings were published in 2002 as part of the series Voice of the Poet.

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