KUSP's Poetry Show

Gwynne Harries and Susannah Shimwell


22-litleic 2013prog 175For December 22, 2013, the KUSP Poetry Show assumed (for its first half) an international flavor (or flavour, if you prefer). Our UK connection is Gwynne Harries, Director of the Midlands Academy of Business and Technology in Leicester (for the benefit of unsuspecting Americans, it’s pronounced “Lester”). In honor of his contributions to the Poetry Show, we’ve added Gwynne’s name to the “Guest Poet Listing” page, to facilitate the search for his numerous past guest spots on the Poetry Show.

In addition to his duties as Director, Gwynne Harries is an avid poetry enthusiast. This week’s recorded conversation, with fellow PhD student, Cambridge resident and nascent poet Susannah Shimwell, took place during the 6th annual Literary Leicester Festival, an event hosted by the University of Leicester. Suzi reads and discusses four of her own poems plus a favorite poem by Philip Larkin.

22-book of formsGwynne and Dennis both give a shout out to Lewis Turco’s Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics. As the title implies, the book is a study of poetic forms, and is an indispensable reference work for aspiring poets and students of poetry.

For the second half of this week’s show, host Dennis Morton read some seasonal poems and selections from the latest issues of Poetry and Rattle, including poems by two past Poetry Show guests: Toi Derricotte and Tomas Q. Morin.


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