KUSP's Poetry Show

Muse Preview and Pledge Drive


02-Muse2014webThis past Sunday’s Poetry Show served two purposes. It was part of the KUSP Pledge Drive week, and also an introduction to the 32nd annual In Celebration of the Muse poetry reading. Host Dennis Morton welcomed a studio full of guests:



This year’s In Celebration of the Muse reading features 21 local women authors, and will be happening this Saturday, March 8, at Cabrillo College (follow the link for more info). Featured readers will be:

  • Debra Spencer,
  • Joan Zimmerman,
  • Laura Davis,
  • Liz Rapis Picco,
  • Robin Lysne,
  • Jo-Ann Birch,
  • Becky Hall,
  • Sarah Rabkin,
  • Helene Simkin Jara,
  • Wilma Marcus Chandler,
  • Rosie King,
  • Ellen Treen,
  • Kate Aver Avraham,
  • Joanie Maro,
  • Patricia Zylius,
  • Adela Najarro,
  • Dina El Dessouky,
  • Barbara Bloom,
  • Magdalena Montagne,
  • Neli Moody
  • Clifford Henderson

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