KUSP's Poetry Show

Michael Wolfe, guest poet-filmmaker-translator-educator



23 - 220px-MBW_on_the_water_(cropped)On the March 23, 2014 Poetry Show broadcast, host Dennis Morton welcomed guest Michael Wolfe, who has had a multifaceted career as publisher, translator, teacher/lecturer, documentary filmmaker – and poet. In addition to a discussion of today’s issues in the Muslim world, Michael shared some of his translations, some of his own poetry, and a bit about his own conversion to and experiences in Islam.

Michael Wolfe is perhaps best known as a documentary filmmaker. His film about the life of Muhammad, titled Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, was produced by PBS.

Michael Wolfe’s latest translation project is titled: Cut These Words Into My Stone: Ancient Greek Epitaphs. From Michael’s website:

23 - cut these words cover“Over a hundred tiny poems, some dating back to the dawn of Greek writing, collected in five historical sections with spare introductions that offer a context for these delicate, intimate bits of tombstone verse, one to a page with the Greek and the English, each summing up in a handful of words another ancient life. These epitaphs are anything but morbid: they form a vivid mosaic, tile by tile.”

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