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More History and Poetry, plus Selected Readings


The "sneer of cold command"?

Three weeks ago on the Poetry Show, host Dennis Morton had a conversation with history geek (and Poetry Show engineer) Carey Casey about some of the ways poetry and history intersect and sometimes connect. This week, that conversation continued with a couple more history-poetry stories. The first story explored the genesis of the well-known 19th-century poem Ozymandias, by Percey Shelley. An unusual combination of historical and personal factors informed and inspired Shelley’s creation.

Beginning the show’s second half, a second story looked at the history behind what is probably both the best-known and least-pondered American poem. Originally titled The Defence of Fort McHenry, we know the poem today as the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner, by Francis Scott Key.

Tiger Heron cover

Following each of the history-poetry stories, Dennis read selections of recently-published poetry, including:

  • Selections from the issue #43 of Rattle, which has the theme “Love Poems”:
    • Black Tank Top, by Danielle DeTiberus
    • Hooters, by Jaqueline Holton
    • The Space Between, by Jill Jupen
    • Kissing as a Religion, by Susan Doble Kaluza
  • More selections (see also March 18) from Tiger Heron, by Robin Becker
    • Rescue Parable
    • Zenia, for Leslie Lawrence
    • Rescue Riddle
    • Her Lies
    • The Dog I Didn’t Want
    • The Middle Path


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