KUSP's Poetry Show

Christian McEwen and Kathryn Petruccelli, special guests


13 - C McEwenThe Poetry Show welcomed two guests to the studio on April 13, 2014. Christian McEwen is a teacher, essayist, poet, and author of a book titled World Enough and Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down (2011). Its central argument, as indicated by the subtitle, is that we all need to slow down in order to truly experience the world and release our innate creativity.


13 - WETcoverweb1-231x350As the publisher says:

“World Enough and Time focuses on the positive effect of deliberately simple living on creativity.”


Kathryn Petruccelli and Christian McEwen have recently joined forces in a project called “Literary Cadences” (subtitled “a revolution in real-time”), which aims to promote live readings and face-to-face interaction between authors and audiences.

13 - In_wake_home





Christian also has a published poetry collection titled In the Wake of Home (2004). She read a number of selections from the book for the Poetry Show.

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